What I can offer you


In the post-PC world, responsive design is a must. Though it's not yet standard in web design, it soon will be. Why wait? I design engaging sites that provide an excellent experience on any screen: mobile, tablet, and desktop. Web design is not just a pretty thing to look at, it’s about making it useful. It’s about making it understandable to users. It should work great first and look great.


Web development is a foreign subject to many, but it can be simplified in these terms: a beautiful design is broken down into certain elements and within those elements, website users are able to interact and engage in a set of actions (hover, click, read, submit a request, etc.). A perfectly developed website is one that works beautifully for both front-end users and those who manage the content of the website.


A Good User Interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use. In other words, it's nice to both the business side as well as the people using it.‘Staying out of the way’ means not distracting your users. Rather, good UIs let your users complete goals. UI strategy is just as important as, Web Design and Development.

Do we make a good fit?

  • You are a dedicated, passionate entrepreneur who wants to create a better (or new) website that will help you achieve specific goals that you have set.
  • You like to collaborate on projects – i.e. if we communicate our ideas to one another, we can create an awesome website!
  • You understand that content is super important and you are willing to put in the effort up front to create your content (or at least get started on it), so that we can use your content (or content strategy) to design your website.  If you are going to spend money to have a custom website built, I want to make sure we not only make it look amazing, but I want to make sure we understand the best way to display information to your audience – it will make a huge difference with scalability (growing your traffic) and it will also make it easier for you to manage in the long-run.
  • You want me to design, develop and launch your website in the next month.  There are plenty of designer/developers who will take on this type of work, but it’s not my thing .  I like to communiicate with my clients and think through the user experience as well as what types of content will be on their website, which in turn allows me to create an effective user experience for visitors as well as an easy to manage back-end for my clients.
  • You don’t know what you want.  It’s okay to be in the idea-phase of a project, that’s 100% okay.  It just doesn’t make sense to start design while you are still thinking through your idea.  My recommendation, start writing your content and see if you like it.  Then share it with some friends and family members and see if they like it.  Once you get a grasp on what direction your content is going to take, let’s chat more about making an awesome website.

Good stuff

Client Love

  • Wilson Usman has been invaluable in shaping my online business presence over the past two years. Not only does he possess the knowledge and skills necessary to create a beautiful and effective website, he has the patience to explain in detail how to maintain it. Nor did Wilson ever lose sight of the marketing aspects of the site he was working on, providing valuable information and advice on keywords and tracking activity. I strongly recommend him.

    Leah Boyd-Barrett

    New Medicine Expert