25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (and a little bit About Finding Your Voice)


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“Honesty is the best policy”–said Benjamin Franklin, and I really dig that.      

Over the past year, I’ve read too many blog posts, too many magazines and listened to too many podcasts. A lot of them are in the online marketing, self-development, or blogging markets. Almost everywhere I read, there’s something or someone talking about your “voice”.      

It basically means the way people see you through the words you write.      

Have you found yours? It’s a struggle I know. I just basically try to type whatever it is I want to write about as if I was talking to you person to person. Even though I haven’t giving it much of a thought, “finding your voice” is extremely important, because it’s the way readers see you.      

It’s your personality through your voice/words.      

Sometimes I really feel that my true persona isn’t totally coming out. Or that sometimes I’m just a monotone boring ass person that nobody wants to listen to. I’ve trashed posts of over 1000 words when I proof read them and fall asleep in the process.      

If you’re a blogger, you know the feeling. C’mon, c’mon don’t act like you don’t know. It’s no secret that a lot of writers struggle with this. Why do you think there are so many books on this “find your voice” shit.      

So how do you start finding that so called voice of yours and putting it into words? How do you write funny, passionate, or goofy? Do you know? Because I have no idea. Just playing with ya! This is just a few things I read that might help you:      

I know I’m not a professional writer, or author. I didn’t go to college for it or anything. But that didn’t stop me from researching and learning the skills to get better at it. I’m a true believe in skill versus talent. You can pretty much learn anything if you want to learn it really bad. No one is born with a pen and notebook in their hands.      

A small word of advice is to not worry what people will think about your writing; some will like you, others will not. That’s fine, you don’t have to satisfy everyone. As long as you keep the half that likes you happy, you’re good.      

Anyhow, the start of this post wasn’t meant to be about explaining how to find your voice, it was really a post about me telling you about me. Who I am, so that hopefully it can help us connect much better. And so I can weed out those who don’t care.      

25 things about me you might or might not want to know about me

1. If you ask anyone I know to tell you how I am, they’ll say I’m too blunt, sometimes funny, and too serious also. Oh, and I forgot…extremely sarcastic. I know it’s not the best of personality traits but it’s just the way I am.      

2. I’m a worker. I can stay up all night on a project, until I’m done. I wake up every morning between 6 or 7 a.m., and I don’t go to bed until midnight or even a little later if I have to.      

3. I read a ton of blogs; some of my favorites are smart passive income, i will teach you to be rich, heroic destiny, viperchill, derek siver, corbett barr, zen habits, man vs debt, passive panda, quick sprout, seomoz, and another 100+. Sorry if I didn’t mention you here.      

4. Oh of course books too, I really enjoy reading in the bathroom. That’s embarrassing but hey, I’m trying to be as honest as possible guys. I read about one or two business books each month (currently reading: Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive ) Yup, I’m gonna brainwash all of you, be aware. Just joking, calm down will ya?      

5. I hate talking to negative people. Back in the corporate world, I bet you think you have many friends. How could you, if all they talked about was about the stupid lady that didn’t buy a vacuum from them. I kept to myself and tried to keep my team with a clear mind.      

6. I’m very impatient; if I’m working on something, I like to see results yesterday, but I’m working on it. It takes a lot of work, but it’s one of my goals in 2011. Be more patient and teach one other person the same. I guess if I can teach someone that would prove that I achieved my goal.      

7. I’m afraid. Aren’t we all? I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid things aren’t going to work out. I’m afraid of gaining weight. Used to be afraid of spiders, thanks to my mom.      

8. I live in the little town of Sylvania, OH. It’s not bad but I don’t know how we ended up here after living in Miami, New York, Seattle, LA, and Colombia. I’ve learned a ton here though and wouldn’t wanna change it either.      

9. I have an amazing girlfriend and she’s an awesome photographer in the making. That’s why I don’t mind ending up in Ohio.      

10. I really suck at politics, but I want to learn more and hopefully get involved in voting some time.      

11. Cars are one of my passions. Since I was little I’ve collected die cast versions of exotic cars. I hope to buy me a Porsche 911 turbo or Ferrari 430 scuderia one day. I will! But for now I’ll stick to my mazda6.      

12. I’ve been thinking about going back to college to get a degree, but I’m still undecided. I just want to be an example to my kids and there is still only one person in my family to ever go to college.      

13. I use to be a gambler, sorry mom if you ever read this. She hates me for it, but I haven’t stepped into a casino in years. Thank God!…But I still love poker.      

14. I watch a movie almost every other night. Hey it’s better than fucking TV or the news. The social network was pretty good, and my favorite movie probably is….anything with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, or Megan Fox. Brittani is going to hate me for saying that.      

15. You probably will never see the videos but my first try at doing Internet marketing was selling this stupid mlm, cash gifting program. Yea, fucked up part was the guy teaching me this shit was suppose to be my friend. I won’t name him, he’s still scamming people, that’s his problem.      

16. I’m 25 now, “damn life comes at you fast!” I’ve had ups and downs, I almost ended up living in my car, but life is good now.      

17. I could work on doing more than just 40 push-ups a day and the kettle ball exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday.      

18. I’m a clean freak, if I see anything that’s not in its spot, I get pissed and take it out on somebody else. I like to be clean, what can I say.      

19. I’m Colombian, but not really. Meaning I wasn’t born there but my parents were. I don’t sell drugs and have not been around any marijuana or coke fields. Why does everyone think we live in between weed plants or coke fields?      

20. I almost never drink more than a beer, but if I get drunk, I almost never remember what happened the night before.      

21. Working as a door-to-door salesman was the worst and best experience. Why, well you learn to be self-motivated, public speaking, get a ton of sales experience–they have some of the sickest tactics, and you learn to sell anything after that.      

22. When I move to Costa Rica, I want to start a small business near the beach, outsource everything and lend all the earnings to kiva people.      

23. I dropped out of college, my young dumb-ass thought I would be selling vacuums for the rest of my life. How naive I was, or should I repeat–DUMB!      

24. I almost died of leukemia when I was 2. I almost got my leg chopped off because of a staff infection in my knee. (I think it was from selling vacuums door to door).      

25. I used to be shy before I started selling door to door. Now I can talk to any random person in a gas station or on a line to buy groceries.      

Hey, thanks for reading this post. I know it was longer than my typical posts. But if you think we connected in any of those twenty something points, subscribe to the blog, send me a message, or let’s be friends on twitter or facebook. If you didn’t like any of the latter, still thank you. Hope it didn’t waste your time.      

Thanks to Corbett Barr for inspiring this post and those three resources I mentioned up-top.      

  • I love posts like this Wilson, because you get learn about the people behind the blogs! Thanks for opening up.

    • Glad you like it man. It does help to connect with people. Tell me something about you.

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  • It’s hard to think up something on the spot, but here is one:

    I have a hard time switching off. My mind is always coming up with new ideas and sometimes it makes it hard to focus. 🙂

    • dude, that’s something that happens all the time to me also. It sucks, but at the same time it’s great. You never run out of ideas.

      Tip:write them down on a moleskin or use evernote I do it all the time.

  • Jon

    Skill over talent – nice. We aren’t born knowing how to do [fill in the blank] or meant for [this or that] but the skills required can be learned, honed, and mastered.

    Oh – I’m Colombian too; my folks were born there and I was as well 🙂

    • that’s right brother. DUde I didn’t know you we’re from Colombia. What part?

  • Re #12 – I go back and forth about going back to school. On the one hand, there are some things I could do with an MBA that I can’t do with just a BA, and it would be cool to try learning like that again as an adult. But then I remember how expensive it is, how much time it takes and how much I hate homework, and I put it off for awhile longer 🙂

    College is great for expanding your worldview, but if you’re already out there in the world, getting great experiences on your own, I don’t know that you’d get as much from it. (Just my thoughts, obvs…)

    • I like your thoughts, you’re right on with the whole time and money thing. Oh yea and the homework thing too lol.