4 Mistakes that Small Business Bloggers Make and How You Can Avoid Them

small-business-blogging-mistakesIf you’re in business you’ve probably seen that small businesses have begun using blogging as a tool to further connect and engage with their customers.

But if you make some mistakes in your blog, success might be distant. In this post we’ll explore some of the ones that you should avoid.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular in business and it’s important, if done right you can achieve greater reputation and more customer, but if done wrong it can be the opposite.

With more this growth of content development  for small businesses, the scrutiny continues to grow.

People can be turned into prospects then paying customer with blogging, but also lost, so its crucial you “do it right”.

Let’s see why small businesses should have a blog, look at some examples of companies “doing it right”, and how we can avoid any mistakes.


4 Blogging Mistakes that Small Businesses Make: Why Build a Blog?

Asking this question before you jump into blogging is a good start. What is the goal with your blog? Are you trying to increase the brand awareness? Do you want to connect closer with you consumers?

Do you want a community or do you just want to sell something by using the blog?

As you can see there’s many questions you can get out of just asking the first question, why start a blog?

“Remember that your business blog has more requirements than a personal blog. Why did you start it in the first place? What’s the GOAL of the blog? What are you hoping to do with it? Think this through and check your efforts against it regularly. If you can set up metrics of any kind, these might help.

For instance, if your goal is engagement, measure number of comments, web hits, RSS subscribers, inbound links, and a few other criteria. But if your goal is customer service, maybe the blog itself doesn’t get measured as much as overall sentiment in the marketplace gets measured.

My point, simply, is to pay attention to the strategy behind why you’ve bothered blogging in the first place.” -Chris Brogan Author of Trust Agents and other amazing places online.

Useful Resource: ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business (affiliate link)

4 Blogging Mistakes that Small Businesses Make: Blog Success Story, A Company Doing It Right


Zendesk.com is a help desk software/support ticket system used by companies like Groupon, Zappos, Rackspace plus another 10,000 customers. Their blogs name is Zengage.com. Best part of this blog is the five different categories (zendesk nation, customer 2.0, best practices, tip of the week and webinars & videos). I mean seriously, can you imagine a company that focuses on providing customer service products NOT have great support for THEIR customers?

Learn more: Zengage

4 Blogging Mistakes that Small Businesses Make

Mistake #1: Bad Writing

This one is kind of self-explanatory. Poor writing doesn’t look in a blog, or any public place displaced. If you have a staff there’s a good chance one of your employees can write. Having a well written blog will keep readers coming back, and allowing your employees to write in the blog will make them feel like they’re contributing to the company.

Mistake #2: Blogging Inconsistently

If you think about, you probably read a few different blogs regularly — have you noticed how often they post? I’ve noticed most successful blogs put out articles more than once a week and they do it certain day usually. Doing this keeps us going back for more, this is what you want, if you’re trying to grow the tribe and turn consumers into customers or fans.

How can you avoid it: Brainstorm ideas for post ahead of time. If you see another company with a good idea for a small business post, save it for later. If you have a schedule like Mondays and Fridays, give yourself some time to actually brainstorm, research, and write the post so it’s valuable and useful to the reader.

Mistake #3: Treating every post an Ad

It’s your blog so you can do whatever you really want to do. But really, do you think people go to blog to get advertised and promoted new stuff all the time. No no…they want useful information, and they want to connect. Repeat after me: I Will Not Self Promote Myself or my Products.

Make #4: Making your Content Hard to Find

There’s no point in having a blog if you can’t find all the Goodies of your blog. The majority of the time people will land on your blog and they will leave in 8 seconds if they don’t having anything to do.

Okay so let’s say you have a website and a blog. Link from your company website to your blog so your customers and prospect can find it.

Hopefully you’re already using Twitter and Facebook if you are use them to link back as well to your blog. And finally use SEO to make it easier to tell the search engine spiders what your blog’s pages are about.