4 Ways to Light a Fire Under Your Blogging Butt

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”  ~Japanese Proverb

In 2010, I began blogging at wilsonusman.com with no set goals in mind. If you look back at the posts from the beginning, they are not pieces to be proud of. But what really mattered was that I was excited about having a blog and the ability to connect with like-minded people.

But obviously, like happens to most of us, all the fire I had at first started to burn off. Eventually I started realizing that what I was writing about was rehash stuff other well known bloggers had talked about, with more specifics. I didn’t have the authority to be talking about how to do this and do that; at least in those day I didn’t.

Quickly I learned that earning money blogging wan’t going to be that easy either. I believed that within months I’d have more than my sister and girlfriend reading my blog posts.

It wasn’t until I realized later that the main issue started way before I began blogging here (keep reading). Many times, thoughts crossed my mind about “Stop blogging and just focus on the niche-sites,” but that quote kept me going.

You might think that the lack of income from the blog was what caused me to lose that fire that was burning, but actually it wasn’t.

If you’ve lost the motivation for blogging that you had the first day you put up the shittiest blog post with the best excitiment in the world, I’m going to show you what helped me. These aren’t new ideas, they’re just ideas worth sharing with you, and since Dan Pink is one of my favorite authors I figured why not.

After reading his book. Drive, I’ve learned the science of what motivates you and me. I think I’ve watched this video more than 20 times, it’s that good.

Keep Doing and Learning New Things

The one thing I love about blogging is exactly this, you’re always learning something new, sometimes–too much. When you’re new, you need to learn to buy your domain name, get hosting, and later install your CMS/WordPress. And yea get a theme, install plugins, and on and on…but the more we practice each part it become a piece of cake for some of us.

These challenges at first are what keeps us going at first. It’s what kept me interested and up until midnight figuring out how to do it.

What milestones have you set lately for your blog?

  • How many guest posts have you written?
  • Did you connect with any people on Facebook or Twitter today? (I mean REALLY had a conversation!)
  • How many hours, days, weeks did you put into that last post?
  • Example: Are you working on that eBook you promised? (This one is my own)

Put a challenge on your blog, or set an hour to write a long list of challenges that you can make for the month of February.

Find Your Audience and Connect with them

The way that Dan Pink made me understand this is, we humans like to belong to something. It’s actually one of the strongest desires of us, humans. Why do you think Facebook, Twitter and all those social networking sites have become so successful?

We spend millions on xbox live memberships and we go to sports events because it’s what we desire.

I’m aware that I don’t get a huge amount of comments or get mentioned around the web like other successful well know bloggers yet, but I keep up with people with similar interest on my community, you can too. Use Twitter or send someone you think you share similar opinions an email and make a friend.

If you just wait for them to contact you and say hi, you’ll be waiting all your life. By staying in contact with these folks you can begin conversations that inspire you to go and write an awesome post. I see all the time bloggers saying things like “wow, awesome chat with X gonna write a post on this”

Don’t set Huge Goals

Don’t believe me? Set a goal to make a million bucks in the next month, okay I’ll be fair, how about in the next year? If you’re like me, you would not know where the heck to even start right? Let me ask you this…what number comes before 2? Got it yet? Okay it’s 1.

My point is you need to focus on the main things first. How about if I said make a goal of making an extra $5 online by next month. I bet you could figure that out. You just go to eBay and sell an air guitar. Okay that’s too easy, don’t set goals too small.

You hear of people making six-figures with a click of a button with their huge list of subscribers. It very easy to get discouraged when you set similar goals and shit doesn’t happen. Don’t make this mistake.

Check out how you may change your behaviors to achieve what  you want by clicking behavior wizard.

Find the Barriers and Pebbles in Your Way

So none of the latter are your problem? This is last tip that could light up a fire under your arse so big, you’ll have third degree burns on your arse. (Warning:don’t try this at home)

Somewhere I once read that to stop a problem you need to get to the bottom of it. This might not be the easiest tip to apply because you can easily misjudge the real reason of why you might not be as motivated. But you don’t lose nothing by testing out reason why the problem might be.

At first, I thought the reasons for losing the motivation was the lack of money coming in, but the reality was that I wasn’t being part of the community and I wasn’t challenging myself.

Typical problems I had as a blogger:

  • Writer’s block
  • Experience in topic
  • The time they put into their work
  • How much money they’re making vs. time spent (ROI)

If you find the problem you then can develop a solution. There’s a solution for everything.

Say you don’t have many friends on twitter. Okay simple, just go ahead and @reply some people on twitter that are in your same niche. I don’t know, ask them a question, ask for help, or just say hi and complement them on their site; be genuine though.

Until you’re sure that there’s not the solution to get a fire under your butt the size of a California fire burning again to get your blog back to those first days, don’t give up. If there’s nothing you believe that can be done, it’s time to move on to better, bigger things.

  • Wilson – I’m filing this post away for later, because I’m sure I’m going to need it in the future! Right now, my blog is new, so I still have tons of fun ideas for posts, but I can see that excitement dying down in the future when I’m out of ideas on things to share.

    Thanks for the tips in advance, from future Sarah 🙂

    • Yea there comes a time when it happens Sarah, I went a few weeks maybe a month without blogging. But later something brought me back into it. I just like too much connecting with people like you.

  • All good advice and tips. Comparing yourself to megablogs is a good way to get frustrated and lose steam. Just do something every day and it will get there. All those big people were here once too. Their overnight success took a lot of long hours 🙂

    • That’s right James. You need to do your own thing and don’t worry about the rest. You get there the way you get to the top of a mountain-one step at a time. I don’t think theirs such thing as overnight success, I’m with you…it takes time and God a lot of persistence.

    • Jon

      @James, yep – the megablogs started at zero at one time and they worked their tails off to develop a community. Some of them just entered the market when the market was fairly small so timing was on their side. Others published exceptional content and genuinely engaged with their audiences (they demonstrated care).

      As long as we’re willing to put in the long hours and keep networking and connecting as Wilson wrote then we’ll get there. You just have to be willing to pay the price. Plus, the more you work on your own content and not over-indulge in everyone’s blogs then the better the chance you have for originality instead of rehash.

  • Wilson, I really enjoyed this post. It really started me thinking about what I’m doing to make my blog “successful”. I will be pulling this post out and reading it many more times.

    • I’m glad you did, and hope that it help you out with your blog. If you ever want to have chat or need help in any way with your blog. Don’t hesitate to email me.

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