5 Tips to Attract Targeted Twitter Followers


Lately I’ve been getting a ton of Twitter followers; but if you think it’s a good thing, it’s not. I wish they were more targeted Twitter followers, to be honest. The only great thing about having more robots following me is that they help me build social proof.

But social proof doesn’t feed my belly, or yours either.

Anyway, the reason for this post today is to help you get more relevant & targeted followers. I want to stress to you this: it’s better to have 100 targeted Twitter followers than having one million random ones.

If you really wanted to get a trillion followers all you need to do is enable the “auto-follow’ feature and use one of those 3rd party apps to mass follow everyone it runs into every day.

But I wouldn’t want to take the risk of getting my Twitter account suspended. Besides, what’s the point of getting a ton of traffic that doesn’t convert?

The goal here is to focus on quality over the quantity to be successful on Twitter. Here are the tips that are going to help you attract targeted Twitter followers:

Attracting Target Followers: Twitter Optimize your Profile!

The Twitter profile is pretty short and simple. You get a username, photo and bio; that’s all you get to focus on.

If you can have your username contain a keyword about your industry. This way if someone types “Toledo SEO expert” on the Twitter search box you come up high in the results. Another example for this can be something like @ToledoDentist or @ToledoFlorist would be good to have.

Most good usernames have been taken, but it’s okay to use your brand name if it’s available or anything that might be catchy and memorable. Your photo should be a picture of your logo or yourself. Two things should always be on your bio, what you do, and why should I follow you.

Attracting Target Followers: Provide Epic Content!

Epic content gets ranked, read, and Retweeted by followers. The opposite is true for crappy, boring content. It’s been proven over and over that epic content is the most important factor in content marketing. And when it comes to Twitter, the same applies.

If you’re used to the “old school way of marketing”, you know, self-promoting your face off, it won’t work for you on Twitter. If you just talk about you-you-you it will send your followers running because that’s not what social media marketing is all about.

If you’re unsure of what works in your industry, do some research of what you’re competitors are doing. Find out what followers respond to and like and do the same, but obviously differentiate yourself from them.

The #Hashtag  feature is a tool you can use to see what’s trending on Twitter or your industry. Go to Hashtags.org and search for keywords that relate to your niche. Spend some time participating in your field’s trending topics.

Remember it’s all about listening and helping in any way you can.

Attracting Target Followers: Find and Follow

Resting on your laurels isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to get out there and interact. Find, follow, and hopefully they’ll follow you back. That’s how it works! If they have their email notifications set up, they’ll see you followed them and they’ll come check out your profile, content, and if they like you they’ll follow you; at least that’s what I do. It’s simple!

If you use one of the top Twitter management tools (Hootsuite, TweetDeck…) these can help find relevant follower to follow. Say you use TweetDeck, for example, you can create “custom columns”, which will display a feed on a specific topic.

Lets say you’re a Wedding Photographer in the Toledo, Ohio Area, you can create a custom column that displays every tweet that contains keywords like: Engagement, Groom, Bride, Wedding, Newlywed, Marriage, Getting Married, Bridesmaid, etc… This will then give you a list of quality profiles you can follow and interact with!

Attracting Target Followers: Make Fun Contests!

For instance, you can create a ReTweet and Hashtag Contests. If done the right way, they can be very successful. The first thing you need to do is pick a prize to give away. If you’re a Wedding Photographer, it could be something related to your services, for example, a free engagement session, a Boudoir session, or whatever type of photography service you offer.

In other cases a popular gadget seems to be working very well, like an iPad, iPod pretty much anything Apple really. Everyone wants an Apple product! Second, you want to make a landing page for this particular contest, so it explains what’s it about, why are you doing it, and what’s in it for them, and it explains the rules too.

In the case of a ReTweet contest, you want to get people ReTweeting like crazy a specific Tweet that mentions you. For example: “Sweet! I just signed up for XYZ Photography’s free engagement session contest. To join, simply follow @username and retweet this. You could win it too!

Note:Twitter Guideline for Contests.

Attracting Target Followers: Place Your Twitter Link Everywhere!

One of the things many people might miss or don’t know about. If you have a blog it should be displayed right on the homepage and all the social networks you belong to. You have business cards? Pow! Put it there, email signature? Wham! There too.

I recommend you check these websites (WeFollow, Twellow, TwitterPacks) and post it there too. These directories can also help you find and attract targeted Twitter followers. Good luck!

Do you have any special tips to add? What strategy do you have to get more targeted Twitter followers? Leave a comment

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  • I appreciate the post. I think most possibly the best way to get alot of followers is to do something different like a contest. In today world many people adopt the thinking of “what do I get out of it ?” People might not like it buy hey that’s how it is. So go with the flow. Let people benefit and take something away from being your follower.

    Kenneth Ashley, Out!

    • Good point. I always like putting myself in the position of the reader. I sit down down and re-read my posts and say, Okay if I was a visitor how does this help me? Thanks for sharing that. I’ve been thinking about getting a contest. Hey now that you have me thinking, what would you like to win if there was a contest? A book, free one-to-one consult, give me some ideas?