5 Ways To Get Retweeted


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I recently downloaded a great report about twitter and how to get more retweets, which I highly recommend. The reason I liked it so much was because Dan actually went and did the research and figured out the science of getting more retweet.

Like a lot of us marketers online, I’m sure you too wouldn’t mind getting more retweets than you get right now. I admit it I would. The reason why is quite simple. We all want more traffic to our blog, subscribers, and to all the cool thing you have to share with other people.

The biggest reason for business owners to want more retweets is more leads and customers. If you’re a blogger or you have business online and you’re on twitter, but you’re not getting the traffic that you want, keep on reading.

5 Ways to Get More Retweets

  • Have a link in the tweet. Dan explains in the report that retweets compared to random tweets contain 3 times more links. A tweet showing a link has a better chance of being retweeted than if it doesn’t.
  • Keep the tweets short. By leaving free space it allows people to add something, a message or something he might want to say to his followers, explaining why he liked it, which might persuade others to feel the same and retweet it.
  • Please ReTweet. It’s proven that your tweet will get 50% more time retweeted if it contains a “please retweet” or “please rt” than if it doesn’t. Who would of thought asking would get you what you want. More retweets.
  • Make sure it is interesting and relevant to your followers.
  • Don’t talked to much about yourself. If you just chat and tweet about going to the bathroom or something mundane, you’re not going to get retweeted.

Finally don’t forget to be social, actively engage your followers, build meaningful relationships and your retweets will jump through the roof for sure.

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