6 Signs You Might Hate Your Job!

Recently I receive an email response from a survey that I answered to. It was pretty much a multiple choice survey to see what type of products people wanted to buy. This is what the email said:

“So many of you said that you hate your jobs – it’s really sad. It seems such a waste to spend most of our time doing something we hate.”

So it’s obvious that many people hate their jobs and I wanted to know what are some of your reasons, and how I can help some of you with it. It’s funny how convenient this post comes in, because my girlfriend’s brother was telling me how bad he hated his job; he also wanted me to explain to him how blogging works,

So here are the signs I found:

  • You constantly find yourself thinking about how much you want to escape.

This one is a very common one. I know when I was at work sometimes I would get this feeling of happiness when I would just think about not being there. I would escape in my brain and begin thinking of owning my ideal business and so on.

  • You rant about how bad the company, owner, or manager treats you when you get home.

Oh yes. Have you ever done this? Bringing your job home with you? I don’t know why people do it. I understand you have to vent, but come on, who wants to hear how shitty work is? It’s not interesting.

  • Thoughts of what you’re going to do when you quit your job constantly cross your mind.

If the owner could only read his employees’ minds. I don’t think he really needs to read anyone’s mind, body language speaks for itself. I believe there is a saying or something about how the body stops working when the mind does.

  • You hate everyone you work with.

I really don’t see more than three options here. Either you find a common ground and get to know better the person you don’t like or you just quit talking to them. Or you quit your job!

  • You slack off and don’t even care about impressing your boss like the 1st day.

I can’t blame you for this, because honestly why would you want to be a hypocrite? If the opposite of impressing is being lazy than that’s fine.

  • Your not competitive anymore. You don’t care if you get fired any moment. And you are not happy anymore!

Okay who wants to be the best vacuum salesman in the office? Why don’t you just put a sticker on my forehead that says “Mr. Slick.” Why would you care to be the best at something you never wanted to be? You compete only if you are passionate about something. And when you do something with passion you are happy. The only person that can fire you from anything is you.

So here is the summary:

If you have been thinking about any of these lately, you are not employable as Maren Kate says. Take my advice as you like, but I only suggest one thing. You better start looking for something else to do, and no, I don’t recommend you go and get another stinky J.O.B.

You have the opportunity to go do many different things. As much as people talk about how bad the economy is, I still see and talk to thousands of people talking about how great the economy is and it could not have been a better time to start doing what you love.

I am not saying if you have a family of 6 kids and a wife, just throw everything out the window; but at least start making choices that lead you closer to something that you’ve always wanted to do. Remember, passion trumps skill. You won’t succeed at anything you do unless you decide to do something today that you love.

If you want to see proof that you can make a living doing absolutely what you love go check out some of these people:

Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine), Darren Rowse (Photography), Robb Sutton (Biking), Pat Flynn (Leed Exam), Glenn Allsop (Viral Marketing), Chris Guillebeau (Changing the World) and many others too, I have a long list here…

If you want to know more people that are getting paid to do what they love email me at [email protected] and you can do some research yourself in a field that you are interested in I am sure will find someone happy doing what they’ve always wanted to do online.

Make sure to leave the comments below, they are absolutely a requirement when you read my post. Just kidding but I appreciate you for taking some time to do it.

Do you hate your job right now? Why? Tell me how I can help you begin the path of becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Tom

    Hey Wilson – just found ya – great stuff.
    I definitely fall under more than half of the signs. The escape plan is in progress…

    • The cool thing is that you are doing something about it though right? I see you got the blog going on. As long as you are following your passion that's awesome.