8 Custom WordPress Themes You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Good WordPress Themes aren’t easy to find. Specially if you’re just getting started and don’t know where to go. If you just Google “free wordpress themes”, you’ll get a million results of low-quality, boring, themes that are already being used by too many people. Which mean you won’t stand out from the crowd.

If you’re trying to make an impact in the bloggersphere it’s useful to have a unique design that connects with your branding and your audience too. In the search for custom themes I ran into 8 Fresh Custom WordPress Themes that might inspire you to get a new theme.

If this collection doesn’t work for you, these 10 Elegant WordPress Themes might be a good start. Whenever I have a chance I look around the web, bookmark the cool WordPress themes and share them with you.

Let’s check out 8 Fresh Custom WordPress Themes

1. A Life in Translation all I know is that Jamie runs this blog and it’s a very creative one if you ask anyone, just ask you’ll see. Check out her design and while you’re at it tell her you want a cool wordpress theme like that too. Oh and don’t forget to read her about me, it’s funny, to say the least.


2. Hidden Hills Farms if you anything about farms this website design is perfect. I mean color, content, everything yells out farm to me.


3. Rocket Shoes where do I start? Cool header, great color scheme, does it sound like I have a site crush? Maybe I do, I love design and this my friends is an awesome custom blog design.


4. The Ingredients it’s all about food. If that tagline doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.


5. Hit Those Keys if you look at most website, they all seem to have the same structure (left column and right sidebar) but Lisa took a different approach here. You can also see it’s not really centered like the majority of blogs.


6. Eric Scouten not your typical flash, full of effects and music photography websites. I like how he used a black background, it makes the images a priority. After all it is a photoblog.


7. Nerdist memorable, colorful and easy to read. Lots a white space which is always good to.


8. Lockerz minimalism. images. say no more.


9. Distinct Attire if an e-commerce site is what you need no problem, you can do that too.


10. Montrail you have a business and you still haven’t found the right design for your business, no problem. More and more businesses are starting to blog, it important to keep the same style in your blog with your brands colors.


11. Peter Shallard if you’re a coach, guru, or expert these days you need to have a website. This is a great example of originality, design and copywriting.


12. Kopepasah if you can find another blog theme that looks anything like this you get a high five.


13. The Forgiveness Project even the not-for-profit organizations are blogging. If you run a charitable organization you can see what companies like create welcoming designs that convey their  mission.


Getting a Professional Blog Theme

All of the themes in this post are done using DIYthemes. Thesis Theme framework is one of the most well designed premium template systems created by Chris Pearson. To learn more visit DIYthemes and watch the video of how it works.