A Web Designers Journey Never Ends

I didn’t know where to start with this post. It’s actually pretty common with every post, but all of a sudden something in my brain clicks and I’m on a roll.

That sentence describes a little my journey of learning and becoming the web designer I am today.

When the journey began I had no idea where to start with web design or web development, I don’t think I even have an answer of where to start… actually. I just know there’s a lot of great resources like treehouse or codeacademy where you’ll find amazing tutorials.

As I searched for more content and how-to tutorials, and best-of content I ran into websites like a list apart, or smashing magazine. The list goes on, I kept finding new talented and creative people and kept learning more as I went. I still find new content that just blows my mind away. I find a cool site that I just have to bookmark because I don’t want to lose it and never find it again.

That’s the thing if you’re new to this industry don’t be afraid like I was, that you’ll never learn everything. What I’ve learned is that you don’t have to be the best or know everything, all that matters is, that you keep learning everyday. Keep applying what you learn, but whatever you do don’t stop or your journey might end.

It’s really where I think a designers journey ends. With that said,