Affiliate Skin Review: Glen Allsopp’s Mini Site Software Tool

Affiliate Skin is Glen’s new software to help us build better and faster niche and mini sites. If you’re not familiar with Glen Allsopp, he runs an awesome site ( and he offers excellent tips. Before you make any assumptions I’m not making money from this review. I just like Glen because he provides great, free tips online and I feel that telling you about this product would be beneficial to some of you guys that are trying to get into this “online thing.”

Who’s Glen Allsopp?

He’s a webmaster at, where he teaches some of the best tips about marketing online. He’s not a guru, and he doesn’t sell you anything that isn’t worth it. Glen has made a name for himself online for his reputation. I don’t know him personally but so far I like the guy and respect him a lot. To learn more about him go to Glens’ about me page.

Why is this software killer?

Well, besides the fact that it was created by Glen and most of the stuff he puts out is of HIGH QUALITY, Affiliate Skin is going to help a ton of people. It really is going to cut down on time to put up an affiliate site by a ton, and it’s going to make it easy for anyone that doesn’t have any computer skills.

The pros:

  • You don’t need WordPress to use it.
  • Don’t need any code knowledge
  • Drag-and-drop navigation
  • WYSIWYG-editor
  • It’s quick and easy to put together sites
  • SEO ready basically
  • Built-in link cloaker
  • Works with any HTML template
  • Email and Skype support
  • And Money Back Guarantee

I’ve really not seen anything like Affiliate Skin yet out there so it’s definitely a leader in this market of affiliate marketing.

Why should I buy Affiliate Skin?

If you’re new to the online world of making money on the web, then it’s going to help you build and optimize a site very fast and easier than setting up a WordPress blog and try to make it look as good as Affiliate Skin already does from the get-go.

It really does not matter if you’re an experienced marketer or not; this can still benefit you because it saves you time. The more sites you can build faster, the more money you can make too.

Glen Allsopp on Vimeo.

Warning: This is not a course to learn how to make money online or niche marketing, or any sort of thing like that. It’s a tool you use if you have some kind of knowledge around affiliate marketing or niche marketing.

I want to buy it!

Okay that’s really easy to do. If you just click on Affiliate Skin here you’ll be taken to the site. I don’t make any money from this link.

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