Blog or Newsletter: What’s a Better Communication Vehicle for Small Businesses with Customers?

I have a blog and a newsletter, which one should I keep? That’s the question I received last week.

Many companies now provide a blog and a newsletter for free.

Blogs are good because they can keep an audience updated on your company and it can improve your online footprint by putting good quality content on the web. If your business can offer information that’s valuable to prospects can increase future sales.

An email newsletter which is distributed on a weekly or monthly basis, which most companies usually choose, can be created to send out different topics instead of a focused blog post. I believe that a newsletter is more to keep subscribers engaged with your company.

If you look at this report here, you’ll find that email is the #1 activity among all ages in 2010. So some people are still prefer to get their information through a email.

Any information that might serve as a benefit to the industry that you provide content to, should be shared both through the newsletter and the blog. A little mix doesn’t hurt anyone. (e.g company news, new tools, industry information, tips)

To conclude this question, I believe that any good marketing strategy should have more than one option and channel of distribution to satisfy the consumers needs. When you combine newsletter and blog it just makes it easier on your targeted audience to connect with you or your company.

Besides a blog and a newsletter, businesses should be looking into other channels like: mobile marketing, social media, and advertising.

What do you think she should do?