A Muse that Generates Cash Flow and Frees Time

The two main currencies that make everything possible are cash flow and time. How many times have you heard, “You need to have a muse, or passion to be successful online” or something like it? I know that’s all I heard when I was first getting started online. It was hard, sometimes annoying, NOT knowing what I wanted to do.

When you first get started online all you want to know is…

How do I make a lot of money online, right? How do I monetize? Money, money, money…

That’s all we want.

When we should really be focusing on is how to generate an income stream and free more time for ourselves.

I’ll repeat that:

Generate Cash Flow and Free More Time

What I want to do is explain the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way that anyone with any experience online can do what I do.

In my mind the best way is to do it with affiliate marketing. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you own a business and you don’t have to spend any time on it. You don’t have to run it. And that’s what location independence is all about.

You could make a lot of money with a franchise or any sort of physical store, but that’s not what I want to do and if you’re like me you don’t either. And I’ve done it, and it’s not what I had in mind; I didn’t want to be in one place at all.

I’ve started a series that I have to still finish, here are the two parts that you should be reading as soon as you’re done with this post to get your career going with affiliate marketing if your goal is to one day not have to worry about money.  Just imagine what you would do, if you didn’t have to consume time with customers? That’s the kind of vehicle affiliate marketing is:

1. Readers Who Want to Know How to Earn Money Online

2. Readers Who Want to Know How to Earn Money Online | Part 2

These two articles can help you find your muse and show you how to convert it into cash flow.

So the next thing is TIME. I think one of the best things that has worked for me is the act of eliminating. What I mean by this is getting rid of the TV, iPhone (I gave that to my girlfriend), and even my car too. I haven’t really gotten rid of them, but I’ve forced myself NOT to use them for most of the week.  I’ve learned to spend the majority of my days on work that matters and that gives me the best results. Of course there has been a lot of trial and error in the past year, but I guess that’s how I’ve learned.

If you can identify what it is that you’re wasting your time on each day and eliminate those tasks, I guarantee you that you’ll start seeing results too, if you use that time wisely on your business, blog, or whatever it is that you do that brings in the cash.

Other habits and time wasters you can eliminate, to free some time:

  • Checking your email 10 times a day
  • Using twitter to often with no agenda
  • Pointless breaks and naps
  • Mindless web surfing

Have you found your muse yet? What steps did you take? What tips can you give us that can helped you create more free time?

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  • You have a nice blog here.Look forward to coming to your blog more often.

    • Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I sent my little 12 year sister to your blog so she could get inspired.

  • Hey Wilson

    As always, you make some very useful and valid points here. I particularly like “using twitter…with no agenda.” Twitter is an incredibly valuable social media tool and should be respected and used strategically.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks man I am glad we have the same mentality, I tell you. Sometimes I sit down and twitter and catch myself after a while, WOW what did I get done? Using it wisely will bring you a lot of success.

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