Copywriting and One Tip you Need to Master

Today I asked myself this question, because I wasn’t really sure of this. After an hour of brainstorming this simple question, which was a simple “no I do not”, I went on a search for information on the web to help me become a better Internet marketer and copywriter.

If you remember last week I wrote a post about how Internet marketing can be learned, this week I want to talk about something I’ve discovered we all need to get better at if we want to get people to take action on our blogs, and affiliate sites. Copywriting is probably the one thing that people say are more important factors than relationships, for really good web marketing. It’s really awesome to see how some people can make us do things with words; it’s really an art and a science at the same time.

The Headline—breaking  copywriting down as I understand it

How does it attract readers, or does it even do that? The only chance you get is at that first 60 or so characters to catch your readers attention. Fail and you’re done; they’re gone to the next tweet, post, or blog.

“If a headline was an employee her job would be to get people to read the copy”

In the case of us Internet Marketers, Bloggers, Affiliates, we want more people to tweet, buy, and share our stuff around the web. Are all the headlines we write going to be master pieces, probably not. I was wrong at first when I didn’t know anything about the web, I thought the headline was supposed to sell, or give some huge promise every time. But I’ve learned that’s okay sometimes, when you think it’s cool if it gets people to read the first paragraph of copy or at least the first line. When they get there the headline is FREE of responsibility if the reader doesn’t keep reading.

Don’t beat yourself up if the headline doesn’t work sometimes, those failures will help you learn to tweak your headlines and make them even better the next time.

The reason good headlines matter

Before your content there’s something people will see more than anything; your headline. They’ll see it everywhere, your blog, Google, emails, or any vehicle you’re using to spread your message. It’s not the end of copywriting training, just learning to write great action takers, but it’s a skill that will make you better than 90% of marketers out there.

As I mentioned earlier, the headline is not the only one with a job here. After the headlines come the first sentence, first paragraph, sub-headlines and the rest of our copy. Most people skin through content and sub-headlines give a nice idea to people what happens in between, and also gives them a break from that long 1000 word articles. Have you ever noticed how fast you read that book with short chapters? Sub-headlines work almost the same way.

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