Three-Year-Old gives me Business Lessons

The Best Business Lesson from my three-year-old Sister

So this past weekend I’ve been spending with my sisters and my mother, because I have been too busy blogging and starting my business, they were missing me and I was too. Like Gary said in an interview with Jason Calacanis: “Family First”. I agree 100%.

Anyhow, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of what we did; I know that’s not why you visit my blog.

So I was playing around with my sisters with some Nintendo Wii, and I asked the youngest, “So Mia, you want some money,” because we were going to the mall I was teasing her; and out of nowhere she says, “No, I don’t want money, I WANT A VIDEO GAME.” I had to stop for a second and write that down on my moleskin immediately.

Even a three-year-old can teach you business!

Here is the thing, if you don’t understand the context of this message. People don’t want money, but the experiences and freedom or benefits or whatever it is that it buys. In her case she didn’t care if I gave her $100 in cash; she doesn’t know better. She just wanted THAT VIDEO GAME!

Just a few blog posts ago I wrote about a friend that was having problems understanding this concept. I asked him, why do you want to start a business so bad? He said so I can have more money. I said seriously so you just want to swim in your money all day long or count it everyday? He said no, I want to invest it. Still I wasn’t able to get him to say why it was that he wanted to start a business.

Here is the thing, we all want more of a lot of stuff, but if we can’t find WHY we want such things you will never have it. It really is like running around like a chicken with its head cut off, or being on a path with no destination.

I understand this is not something you should apply to everything in life. What I mean is, if you want a Snickers bar, don’t go asking yourself WHY you truly want it. That simple, you are craving chocolate.

What I learned from my sister is that we need to find out What we really want and Why we really want it. I can care less about having a million dollars in the bank as long as I have what I need and I am doing what I want. Why is it that you want to live the Location Independent Lifestyle? Do you want more freedom? Do you like living in other countries? Do you have your dream job? Do you want to be your own boss? Find out WHY you want whatever it is that you want. If you know the WHY the how becomes very easy.

Control “When You Do It” to Multiply your Money

If you have not checked out the first part to this series, I recommend you do so.  Check out how you can begin to control the “what you do” part first.

I use to think that the best way to multiply my income was to work more hours per week. I learned my lesson the hard way, and trust me you don’t want to do it the same way. Even though I was self employed, working more hours did not help my end goal. If anything, it actually helped me make less money and add more stress to my life.

The main reason for this was that I was not doing what I loved. I was not following my true passions. The thing is, selling vacuums door to door for more hours does not make you any happier; getting twice as many doors slammed at your face, if anything, lowers your self-everything (esteem,worth,dignity). That’s why controlling “what you do” is the first step before you start focusing on “when you do it”.

See, I know that if you are looking for a way to really live the location independence lifestyle you’re probably not controlling when you do anything, like when you wake up, when you go to work or start working, or even when you stop working and go home, am I right?

How to start controlling when you do it:

Before something becomes a reality it has to come from a thought (don’t mean to get all “law of attraction” expert here) but I believe that’s how you can begin to change what you are doing, when you do it. For example, what are you thinking about right now as you read this post? Probably of how you can learn to control when you do stuff, the way you found this post is the same way, you where thinking of how you can start doing what you want when you want to, right? Well there you go. Start THINKING of when you want to do something, what you’ve always wanted to do, and WRITE it down.

My next suggestion would be to start a time line of how you are going to get from where you are today to where you want to be in a week. For example, if you want to start waking up earlier, (a) you need to set up the alarm for an earlier time and (b) you need to go to bed earlier. You see, if you can write down some actionable steps you can achieve when you want to do something. I know this is a simple goal, but if you want to really start controlling your life and when you do whatever it is that you want to do, you need to plan!


Write down something BIG you want to change, something unrealistic in your mind. Example: instead of working at an office, working from your home.

Put down 3 action steps. Example: start looking for jobs that can be done from home. Find a job related to what I like to do. Apply at 10 places per week until I get the job.

If you want to begin controlling your life you need to do unrealistic and unreasonable things NOW. Your mind is used to a 9-5 job, it’s used to taking orders from others, and it’s used to doing things that make you fit in with the average crowd. Say goodbye to all those from now on controlling what you do and when you do it.

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Control the 4 W’s in Your Life and Multiply Your Money

Yes its true you can make more when you learn to choose what you do, where you do it, when you do it, and with whom you do it with. Do you really want to have more money? Or more freedom? That’s something a lot of us confuse. You see, living like a millionaire and being financially free are like apples and oranges. When you  control all these you are creating more options, giving you the ability to choose and that’s power!

How to Control What You do

Only one person can do this and that’s you. If you work at a nine to five gig, that is your choice; you are not being forced to work there. I always hear people say “oh I have to go to work” like they don’t have an option.  But if I don’t work I wont make money! No, you look for options. Did Bill Gates HAVE to make Microsoft? No. He CHOSE to. Did Richard Branson HAVE to start The Virgin Brand? No. We have the choice to do what we want to do. Bill and Richard had a passion for something and they chose to follow that passion and do exactly what they wanted.

What are you going to do? The moment you make this decision you can multiply your money. If you don’t believe me you can ask Bill or Richard. The best way to control what you do is to find something that you are passionate about and do this. If you are doing something because you feel you have to, you are not controlling the what in your life.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Am I doing what I want to do right now in this moment?
  • Am I passionate about what I do everyday now?
  • What did I want to be when I was a kid?
  • What would you if there were no limitations or consequences?
  • What would you do if you were the smartest person in the world?

So there you have it. Just don’t lie to yourself in these questions. What ever it is that you want to do,write it down. If you want to be a billionaire put it down; you don’t have to say that you want help the poor out of just guilt. Write it all down.

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Are you being Productive Online? 4 Simple Tools that can Help

If you are here you are probably not doing a good job monitoring yourself on the web. So you will read a few tips on how you can get better results by monitoring how you spend your time on the web. By taking these few simple steps you will improve your productivity on the web, which is what this post is all about.

Tools that you can use:

  1. Leechblock: is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. This tool helped me in the morning, I blocked gmail, facebook, twiiter and other non-productive sites that distract you from what is more important.
  2. software that auto-magically tracks which web sites & applications are actively used at your business and provides charts of this data. I like it because it shows you on a weekly basis how non-productive you are being on the web, and it makes you want to do better every week. And like Peter Drucker says “what gets measured gets done.”
  3. List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. It couldn’t be simpler. As soon as I am done with a project I write down what I will do next, and I wont stop until I cross of that task on the list. The next tool I use it in company with
  4. Use it like an egg timer or count down timer. It works great to set yourself a time limit on certain tasks, I always give myself a time limit that seems impossible. That way I am working under pressure. Pressure makes Diamonds”- General George S. Patton.

Short and sweet take what you can, I believe this is great advice for the Solopreneur and small business and it is smart if you monitor what you can.

Six More Tips on Productivity on the Web:

  • Get out of your element. If you are use to being at your computer at home, go to the book store or a cafe and do all the work there.
  • Avoid checking email all day long. It takes the momentum out of whatever you are doing or plan on doing and there has been studies saying that it takes eight minutes to regain momentum when you loose focus.
  • Write things down. By having the old pen and pad next to you all the time you know what you need to do. Cross of what you have already done. Reward yourself with a five minute break.
  • Listen to music while working. Preferably upbeat music, dance,rap, etc…whatever floats your boat.
  • Turn off instant notifications. Twitter, Skype, Email all distractions.
  • Avoid Meetings. Most of the time all you need is a five minute phone call or two sentence email to do what needs to get done.

Now you can go and follow these tips, don’t just read this blog post and say “those are awesome” but put some action and really do these, you will be glad you did.

Here I have added the links to these tools above so you can get started immediately. Leechblock,,, They are all free to use so that’s a plus.

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Seven Secrets of Seven Billionaires you didn’t Know

So today the curiosity to find out about billionaires got into me. I wanted to know what were the qualities and characteristics that a billionaire possesses. I wanted to know the secrets they all have in common.

Seven Secrets you need didn’t know about Billionaires

  1. Seven out of the top ten billionaires did not even graduate from college. They either did not go to college or dropped out.
  2. Built and run their own companies.
  3. Great decision making skills, quick thinkers on their feet, even though they have a staff to help them make important decisions.
  4. Failure is not seen as negative, but as a positive lesson of life.
  5. Drive and tenacity
  6. Creative minds that come up with Big ideas.
  7. They all love what they are doing. (Passion)

I would not lot to take any credit out of college educated people because of course I was forced to go. Billionaires attain a lot of their skills from trial and error.

Running a business takes a lot of hard work, and most of these people did work hard to get where they are today. None of them would have put so much hard work if it wasn’t  because they loved what they where doing. So if you decide to start your company you are the best boss the company can have.

Like in life you will be put to the test, there is no smooth sailing when it comes to business, its a journey. The ability to take risk and make witty decisions will be tested.

I’ve heard it a million times, smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. I think that is a bag of [email protected]#$, excuse my french. Take every failure in your life and use it as your lesson to never do it again.

Drive and tenacity really come from a goal or dream that you create for your own reason. Why I am doing this? Make it easy to find the How? to do it.

If we sit down and think of how we are going to do something, we can always find a way to do that something. Creative comes from thinking, use your mind wisely.

We live in a free world where we can do anything we want. Do what you love. Why is that so difficult? Follow your dreams, it is prove that when you do what you love you can succeed beyond your dreams.

I know and you know there is more than seven characteristics, but I found that these were seven of the most outstanding with the last one being the most important.

We’ve all read the motivational and educational books of successful people and most of us know what it is that we need to do. In the “52 Rules of Thumb” I read a chapter that said “knowing it ain’t the same as doing it“. You can know all the things a successful person does but if you don’t do it, there is no point.

I know that to be a successful blogger I have to deliver the good through unique and useful content that keeps my readers happy and coming back for more and I know that I have to post every day also.

My Question to you is. If you know everything that you have to do what are you waiting for?

There really is no secret to anything. Everything you do in life you need to work hard at it every day, you have to love what you are doing and be unique.

Which of all these characteristics do you possess? Do you have what it takes to become a billionaire?