Social Media Is Booming [Infographic]

You wanted the facts Search Engine Journal said “okay, we’ll give them to you”. I still get clients asking me why all the hype about social media, honestly sometimes I just don’t know how to explain it to them.

A lot of them think that it’s just going to go away soon, it’s just a bubble waiting to burst, they say.
Well I think this infographic speaks for itself, it really quantifies social media in terms of global use. Just in a few years social media has done more than what traditional media did in years.


Quick Tip: Where Should My Small Business Be Present Online?

I know that if you’re a small business owner, this question has been coming up a lot. Let me ask you a question, well actually a couple of them:

Have you ever looked for recommendations of a product online, for example, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube?

If you at least said “yes” to one of these, then there’s the answer to your question. Don’t you think that if you’re doing it, your customers are too? Of course they are, they think, act, and buy just like you do. Most people research on Google before they buy a product these days.

Or they ask a friend on Twitter or Facebook what they think about the product if they’ve bought it already. Actually a lot of people buy stuff now because they’ve posted it on Facebook to begin with, they saw their post and went and bought it.

I know there’s to many different social networks to start with and you’re just probably wondering where to put all your energy and effort first without wasting any time.

It seems to difficult to maintain a presence on all of these while achieving the same success.

I want to help you focus on the ones that matter at the moment. Here are the most popular social networks that are widely recognized and used by the majority of your customers:

  • Youtube (570+ million users)
  • Twitter (200+ million users)
  • Facebook (750+ million users)
  • LinkedIn (100+ million users)

Are you on any of these yet? If you’re not yet and you have a small business, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your business.


Facebook Ads Guide Q&A

facebook ads guideSo lately I been getting an avalanche of email asking me questions about the Facebook ads guide. Questions like does it really work? Do you trust Jonathan Volk? Is this a scam or it real shit? What’s it all about, how can you make money with the Facebook ads guide?

Hey guys thanks for sending in the questions…here’s what I think.

Do you Trust Jonathan Volk?

Jonathan is probably one of a few I can count with one hand, that knows what he’s doing on the web. I don’t go around looking for secrets around the web on how to make money on the internet, I like to find something that is direct and easy to understand.

Jonathan is not only a internet marketer, but a business owner. He puts his face out there to the public and you can even tweet him any time. So answer this question in three words,

YES! I do

Does Facebook Ads Guide Really Work?

No it doesn’t, unless you do what Jonathan says to do. So if you don’t want to reach the $4,000,000.00 mark in year like he did don’t the steps. Because seriously, it’s so simple anyone with no experience online can do it. It works!

Is Facebook Ads Guide a Scam?

I understand a lot of you, been scammed around or feel like you’ve been, who hasn’t before with all those copy cat programs going around the web. Well, I don’t like to have a reputation of promoting something that is going to take from you, I believe that if you make money, eventually you’ll keep coming back to learn more from me. I don’t believe that Jonathan has 40k followers because he’s a FAKE or a Scammer. He’s legit has a wife and is known for giving out the best info out there in his market.

Listen, there’s GREAT ways to make money on the internet; it’s easy once you know how it works. Obviously, you’ll need a PROGRAM to follow. If you’re serious about changing your lifestyle Download Facebook Ads Guide Now!

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