Skills 2 Money: The Guide Every Freelancer Needs


photo credit Meyan Brenn

Most single freelancers face this very same problem–if you’re busy helping other clients, you’re very likely not spending time marketing your business.

This typically creates a lifestyle that no freelancer likes.

Look for new projects, then work your ASS off, then hunt around again, and this cycle repeats over and over again.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that this isn’t a sustainable way to run a freelance business.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

What I’m about to talk about in the coming weeks are some of the best online marketing strategies advisers have giving me to help you create a steady stream of new prospects and keep your already customers coming back for more work.

What to expect to learn in the following weeks

  • Attracting more targeted prospects to your site
  • Turning more site visitors into paying customers
  • Creating a big and responsive list of leads, and keeping them engaged in your offers/services.
  • Advice about where to spend your time and marketing budget
  • Frequently test and optimize your online marketing campaign to create superb results.
  • How to get paid as a freelancer
  • How to market yourself as a freelancer

The strategies are going to be easily applicable for freelancers because the financial investment will be small.

But keep in mind that there will be a significant time investment, and these posts will help you make smarter decisions of where to spend your valuable time.

I have only two goals in the following weeks. First to help freelancers create different ways for people to find your service and engage with you. Second is to turn these people into paying customers.

You’ll find that these posts will talk about these goals with a collection of strategies–some tried and true, and some new.

Best part to all this–with good attention, it can all become real beside the tough work you’re already doing servicing current customers.

So now it’s time to make a commitment to stop living the “hunt-work-hunt” lifestyle.

You’ll have to make changes to how you work to accomodate some planning, continuing tests and tweaks, and a long-term path to optimizing your presence on the web and building relationships through a variety of online channels.

These tactics are the blueprint to finding the correct mix online marketing for freelancers.

As for now you can get started with two key marketing concepts every freelancer should know.