What are you going to do today?

It’s the beginning of another new year, and it’s all stretched out in front of us. The question in my mind is what are you going to do today? Not tomorrow or next week or next month. It’s one of the things that really makes us lose focus on TODAY. If you’re thinking about what you did and didn’t do last year – forget about it, there’s nothing you can do today but learn from the mistakes and successes. Worrying about tomorrow isn’t going to help you accomplish anything, and thinking about it is going to be a waste of time.

If you want 2011 to be the best year you’ve ever had you’re going to have to remember the question above: what are you going to DO today? You noticed I capitalized DO; that’s right! Notice it doesn’t say think, feel, eat, or any other word. On one of my favorite blogs I read, I took some serious advice on his manifesto 18 months 2 blogs six figures that says

“Ruthlessly focus your efforts on things that work, and stop spending precious time on things that don’t.”

Any time not spent doing what your main focus is is going to be time wasted. The longer we loaf around, the longer it will take for us to have those results we want so bad. It’s not easy, I know, because as I write this post, I get that random text, I get the urge to go do something else, that lizard brain tells me “you can do it later, you don’t have to do it now,” someone calls to ask a favor, and countless other distractions. I understand how tough it can be and I’ve researched some solutions that might help you and me.

If you know what really matters, here’s a simple three step process to focusing on what matters and getting it done today:

  1. Make it extremely important – By this I mean put it on the top of your list of things to do; this task is something that you can’t go to bed before you finish. Sid Sivara says to “Clear important, but unnecessary items off your schedule for a day – and let them go. Every day that you spend on tasks that don’t matter is a day you can never recover – and that, to me, is an emergency.”
  2. One thing at a time – Some people seem to think that multi-tasking is a good thing, when in reality it isn’t. If you don’t eat and talk at the same time or read and drive also, why do something so dangerous as multi-task? My advice is to put all the effort and attention on one place at a time.
  3. Do it early – This one is the most crucial advice and I agree 100%. Make it a priority first thing in the morning to focus on the important tasks, and do the less important stuff later.

With all the distractions in the world, and on the web especially, it’s hard to keep focus on today. But if you’re determined and you have a deep desire and purpose to get somewhere with whatever it is you’re trying to do, you’ll figure out how to keep a sharp focus.

Once again I ask you what are you going to DO today?

Hello 2011 Goodbye 2010

Hello 2011 Goooooooodbye 2010!!!, I couldn’t be more excited today-the first day of the year.

I stopped, thought for a minute,and thought about what Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. As I was looking back at the past I was thinking about the mistakes, then I realized, they were all worth it. Why?

Well if I had not failed I would have not found out what didn’t work for me. Yea I could have just learned from others mistakes and done what other people were doing right, but we know that usually doesn’t happen.

I haven’t really failed, I’ve just discovered 5 things not to do in 2011. And that, to me, is extremely valuable because now I understand what not to do. I hope that sharing my mistakes helps you avoid some of these mistakes or lessons, however you want to see them.

My Hello Goodbye Plan for 2011

Working out while blogging – Why is working out important to blogging? Well working out should be important no matter if you’re blogging or not. I’ll tell you my story about indoor soccer. About two weeks ago my friend Dan told me about playing indoor soccer again. I was pumped so I agreed. So two Wednesdays ago the first game of the session started. Long story short, I didn’t make it two minutes into the game without asking for a sub. I played the whole game, but I lasted no more then two minutes every time I was on the field. It was obvious I was out of shape and I needed to do something about it.
There’s nothing healthy about sitting down for 4-6 hours a day looking at a screen. My solution is to make a workout plan around my blogging time. Like for every hour I blog, I’ll take a 15 minutes workout break or something. As soon as I come out with the plan this year I’ll post it.

Eating healthy to stay energetic
– Looking back at 2010 today at how I’ve been eating makes me sick. Every week I keep saying, “Next week I’ll do it.” “Tomorrow I’ll get some veggies and fruits.” “Oh what’s one bad meal going to hurt…” and so on and on.

It’s time to stop that! I’ve started with an early healthy breakfast; in my case I’m making a green shake to give me some energy and hopefully get the momentum going for 2011. I’m taking baby steps, I know, but it’s a start. I’ve cut down eating out and eating fast foods. But I am going to allow myself to have a day to cheat and eat my favorite non-healthy foods. I’ve also signed up for sparkpeople.com so I can keep track of my exercise and eating habits. I actually want to say thanks Steve Kamp from nerdfitness.com for inspiring me to do this in 2011;his blog is great for anyone looking to get in shape and taking an adventure like no other.

Focus on one website at a time – In 2010 I was working in too many different things; and because of this, I couldn’t reach the goals I had in mind with any of the projects I was working on. Even though I knew it was a bad idea to take on more than I could chew, I did it anyway. Starting January 2011 I’m committed to only working on one project at a time, and no more. By working on just one project I can stay focused on one subject and I can also devote all my time to one place instead of splitting my time into 3-4 projects. In 2010 I would wake up some days without any idea on what to do first and I would continue on the whole day without starting on any of my tasks.

Put the hours into my blog– I know that one month =730 hours, it’s obvious that I can’t put every hour into work because I need to sleep, exercise, take breaks, meditate, read, etc… But if I can invest a good percentage into it, I’ll be happy. I know that making a business work isn’t easy, it takes work, and it takes a plan to follow that’s key of course. I’d be lying to myself if I said I worked hard in 2010. By investing 4 hours a day into my business it gives me time to do everything else and it forces me to get what needs to be done in a certain time. Even though some people not think that putting four hours in every day might not be a lot, it’s a something I feel comfortable and hopefully it’s actually a productive and not just busy hours.

Just do it! – I know this might sound cliche to many of you folks, but I’ve got to admit the biggest reason I didn’t finish the year how I wanted to was because I spent to many days thinking of what ifs?
I’m sure a lot of you do it too, and if you don’t good for you. What I mean by this was that I didn’t take action when I needed to, I had the analysis paralysis syndrome and I just couldn’t quiet commit to what I wanted to do.
My plan for this little problem is to take whatever task I have and break it into tiny pieces that I can achieve. As they say “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite”. Another tip I picked up this year somewhere around the web was to just focus on the things that I can control. An example is worrying about whether people will listen to what I write or like what I say. I’ll do my part which is say I want, and hope that you like it.
Finally I plan to begin something somewhere, a lot of times I have an idea but I can’t figure out how to put into words and I forget to write it down somewhere. By just starting, I can have a chance to brainstorm it, maybe eventually my conscious will give me more info on how to proceed with the idea or someone I talk to will help me bring that idea to life.

What are some of the things that you didn’t do in 2010 that you want to do or do different in 2011?

Making changes in your life or your business is not easy, but it starts somewhere. Make the decision to jot those habits you want to let go off in 2011 and make a path of how you’ll do that. Ask yourself why you want to do it, how will you feel when you accomplish those changes, and give yourself a reward if you make it happen.

Have a great 2011…

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