Hot Links Friday: Social Media, Customer Service and Other Stuff



Social Media Demographics: Who’s Using Which Sites?

Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

I’m a huge fan of infographics, I guess it’s because of I learn better when doing and seeing stuff. If you’re the same way you’ll appreciate this great resource. When it comes to doing research online I always try to find an infographic that’s very detailed.

I liked how this one broke down users by age, gender, income level and educational level, which if you’re a marketer those are useful facts to know about social media.

Take advantage of this and take notes if you have to.


Are Small Businesses Apathetic About Social Media?

Some businesses still have their arms closed and their ear clog or something. Maybe they’re just living under a rock or something. These businesses are saying that social media isn’t necessary even though research proves the opposite.

I think anyone that’s on the edge curb and aren’t sure about using social media should read this post.


8 Tips for Health Care & Pharmaceutical Companies on Facebook

Don’t pay attention to the “pharmaceutical” part of this post. I still think that the eight tips on social media are useful if applied in other businesses besides just healthcare companies.

Inside this post you’ll learn about information you should provide to your audience, questions that you should be asking consumers, and how often you should be posting on Facebook.

If you want to leverage social media on Facebook this post is for you.


Who’s ignoring their customers?

After having a bad week with a couple of companies [Gap and Subway], I needed to find information that would make me better than them when it came to customer experience.

When I was at The Gap this week trying to exchange a pair of jean that were a gift, they would not exchange them and the lady even got really defensive. I understand there was a policy behind their returns and exchanges on Final Sale items but I feel I could’ve been treated better.

I ended up going to another Gap and they did exchange the jeans for another size. That’s all I wanted. Instead because of what that lady did, I replied to @Gap on Twitter but I didn’t receive any engagement from them, I guess it was of what I said. [@Gap your employees in Perrysburg, Ohio suck].

A simple sorry for the inconvenience would have been better than ignoring a loyal customer.

With Subway I had a similar experience. They served me burned meatball, must have been that it was 20 minutes until they closed on a Sunday. Instead of telling me the meatballs had been there all day long…long story short I posted a picture of the meatballs on Twitter, and I received zero engagement, Oh well…let’s see if they ever see a dime from me.

Lesson learned?? Don’t ignore your “loyal” customers!

Hope you enjoy this weeks links, if you have a favorite, or most useful to you tell me in the comments.

If you like the Hot Links Friday series I’d like to know, let me know if I can make it better. What should I write about or what type of information do you like most.



Hot Links Friday: Extremely Useful for Online Businesses

useful-business-linksIt’s difficult to stay on top of all the information flying around on the web, that is why I’m sharing with you today these HOT LINKS. I’ve saved all of what I think is the best content for you. I can’t write about all these topics myself and if I decided to do that, by the time I’d be done it might not be as useful to you.

Anyways, I recommend you bookmark these articles yourself for later if you can read them all, they might come in handy later. I know you have a business to run.

Here are some of the HOT LINKS I found this week:


A Startup Produces Infomercial For The Internet

When I first read this post it made me think of what we could begin to see as the future of selling on the web. Joyus a new startup to be the next QVC online?


Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising

It’s berserk to see how much money businesses are expected to spend on advertising in 2011. When the facts prove that a small percent of consumers trust advertising as a source for product or service information. Find out who they actually trust…


Google Adwords Express Target Small Businesses

Seems like Google sees potential in the online local businesses market and it’s launched a more simple advertising platform that small business owners can start using with a shorter learning curve. If you’re a small business owner this should be a very valuable tool for you, becuase it saves you money, you would otherwise be paying people like me to create your online marketing campaigns.


Are Social Media “Experts” Worthless?

I bet that as a business owner you’ve asked yourself the same question. Sonia Simone make a good argument of whether it’s a wise decision to “hire or not a social media expert” in this post, and it also clarifies the rumor of whether 95% of social media experts are clowns or not.

There you go, four HOT sausages, I mean links you can fill your brain with. Did you find any of these useful?

If those links were not enough…

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