Hot Links Friday: Facebook, Instagram, Extra Money with Social Media…

calls-to-actionI know some of you been begin for the Hot Links Friday post, my bad guys too much stuff going on, [no no no Wilson, no excuses please–you say]. And I agree with you, so here they are.

20 ways to promote your Facebook page

Okay, so you have a Facebook page locked & loaded, but you’re not sure why nobody is liking your page. Problem solved. Justin Wise posted a great article to help you spread the word 20 different ways. This should help increase conversion and growth of your Facebook page.

How to: Use your Social Media Skills to Earn Extra Money

Even with all those professionals, who call themselves “social media experts or gurus”, there’s still demand for social media services. If you have some skills, but you haven’t monetized them, this short post can give you a head-start to start earning an extra income on the side.

How to Use Instagram to Tell the Story of Your Business

When I first bought an iPhone I used it to make phone calls, text and browse the web a lot, then Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ showed up and my eyeballs were glued to it (Hey don’t look at me like I’m the only one doing it). Anyways, these other applications have taught me more ways to leverage the web and make tons of connections. Now there’s a new tool you can use, it’s Instagram, and this post explains 5 tactics for brands to leverage Instagram.

Are you ready to be a Social Business? 10 tips for a Zoom Start!

You know you want to be a social business, but you’re not sure if your business really needs to be social. Pam Moore wrote down ten questions that I believe every business should be asking themselves before they jump in the social bandwagon.

Facebook “Lists” and The New “subscribe” Button Explained

Facebook and Google are going at it as we speak for the best features in a social network, it seems. It’s obvious that Google is no contender yet. Everything Google odes from now on seems like Facebook has to go and make their own version of it. I think Facebook is scared, I mean where is the originality? Anyway, Francisco broke these two new features apart, and shared his thoughts about why they might not be as popular as we might think they’ll be.

Location-Based Marketing: What’s in it for me?

How does a business get started with a location-based marketing campaign? In this post Mike Schneider and Aaron Strout made a simple list for businesses that are interested in doing it themselves. Once you get started people can really dig in and reap the benefits using services like Foursquare, Yelp, Scvngr, and Gowalla.

How to Choose the Perfect Topic for your Next Blog & How to Find a Great Domain Name for a New Blog and Set it Up in 15 Minutes

One of my favorite blogs to follow is because of all their epic shit they put on the web. Corbett Barr and his team really know how to build a thriving audience, and this new challenge is going to change a lot of people’s lives. They’re literally taking everyone from their hand and walking them step-by-step to success. In 15 minutes you have a domain picked out and your blog hosting set up ready to go.

There you go, another week of Hot Links Friday. I know that you won’t read all of these, but I’m sure that you’ll click on the one that most interests you. Whichever you decide to read, you’ll learn something useful that you can maybe apply next week to your business online.

13 Must See Lead Generation Examples You Need…To Grow Your List

13 Lead Capture Examples

This weekend I was trying to find a post about good examples of lead capturing, but I couldn’t find anything useful…I saw the opportunity and this is the result.

I spent all Sunday looking for websites that I believed did a good job at using an email list form and applied well known practices in marketing.

On all of the examples I marked the persuasion tactics most commonly used that you can apply to your business or blog/website.

A lot of the content on this post is easy to apply but I learned this weekend even some well known websites fail to use them. If you’re using a good email service provider integrating an email sign-up form should be a walk-in-the-park.

Now I understand if your goal is NOT to capture people’s email and build a relationship with your list then these examples might not be useful for you.


Reader Questions: Realistically What is the Minimum Investment Required to Start an Internet Business?

If you ask a lot of people, they’re all going to say something different. And so am I. I guess there’s people of both sides of the fence, some say free is okay others think you need to own your domain, a reliable hosting service and

I’ve heard people say just use Facebook, Google+, etsy or devianart depending on what your business is about. Oh and if you already have a company having your own website or blog is important today.


How To Get Leads and Convert Them Into Sales


I wish I could have a list of all the people who visited my website last year and their contact information…wouldn’t you? Do you think it could generate more business for you?

I think it would. (If you don’t think so, we need to talk.) A plan like that isn’t unbelievable. It’s called “lead generation” and it’s a strategy small businesses rely on to generate business.

Small Businesses Most Important Asset

If you ask most small businesses what’s their most important asset, I guarantee they’ll say it’s their database. Lead generation involves building and managing a list of prospects who are interested in what you offer.

The best part of having a list (big or small) is the ability to communicate anytime with them, because it give you a better chance of turning prospects into customers than just a cold-calling approach. If you know something about sales–it’s easier to sell when the people already trust you, like you and are interested in what you’re selling.

Benefits of a Bigger Email List

Growing your list also increases the size of your funnel, and if you strategically market to your database this can result in more conversions. Since this [list of subscribers] is one of the biggest assets in your business you want to be careful with your marketing and you have to manage it well.

When people sign up to your updates or FREE gift, whatever you might be doing to get their email, you need to realize they trust you. You don’t want to hurt that relationship you’ve build with them, by sending them stuff you wouldn’t want to receive.

This is why it’s important you provide relevant, VALUABLE content, consistently. The moment you abuse your email list or meet their subscribers expectations, the trust is gone and the campaign loses its effectiveness.

Your main goal should be to know your list and share content that helps solve their problems, doing so, you’ll have permission to promote to them and remain as the go to person in your industry as long as they like you and trust you.

How much does it cost?

The reason why building a list is so great in my opinion is, you don’t have to pay for it…at least in dollars, pesos or euros to have a viable marketing channel. You can go an buy a list from a company that sells access to a database in a certain market. But, what I hate about these is that they’re not always highly qualified like the ones you collect on your own website.

The fact is that these lists don’t convert as well as your own lists.

This post is going to be part of the Skills 2 Money: The Guide Every Freelancer Needs series, I haven’t really made a page for this series but it will be available soon. In the following post of this guide, you’ll learn more on building the list, converting the leads to clients and some examples too.

photo: Anirudh Koul


Why Conversion Should Be Your Obsession


photo credit

The concept is simple. If you have the best looking site on the web, but if the visitors aren’t converting into paying customer what’s the point.

What is conversion rate and why should you care?

In internet marketing, conversion rate is the ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions based on subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators.

If the prospect has visited a marketer’s web site, examples of conversion actions might include making an online purchase or submitting a form to request additional information.

When you tweak or improve your conversion rate, you get more paying customers without having to advertise or spend money.

Big names like Amazon focus on their websites conversion rate, if you visit their website on a daily basis, you can tell the changes they make to improve conversion and grow sales.

Why Be Obsessed by Conversion Rates?

One–Do you want more customers?

It’s a no-brainier, most websites are made to help someone solve a problem, but also make money. If you can convert more people without spending money on advertising and helping the customer solve his problems, you’re both WINNING!!

Two–Beating the competition

Someone out there has a site just like yours, do you want to be a nice person and share your customers with them or do you want to be the best of both?

Well, to really more profitable than those competitors you don’t have to be necessary GREATER than them, just slightly. By having higher profits for every visitor than the competition, you’re winning. When you do reach that slightly better level, don’t get complacent and forget about being the best to your visitors.

Three–The numbers are like science, they don’t lie

If the increase in conversion rate is only 10%, that means a 100% increase in your pocket.

That’s because you don’t have to pay anyone after the conversion has been made, but you only.

Four–It makes your business stronger

All you need to do is test, test, and test some more to find better conversion rates, thus increasing your revenue too.

With this extra revenue, you can put it to work in other marketing strategies. For example:

  • Other marketing vehicles like TV, radio or any other paid advertising
  • Hiring virtual assistants to focus on SEO for keyword rankings

A single or double digit increases in visitors and revenue can bring in opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise had if you didn’t test ways to increase your conversion.

Finally another reason to stay obsessed with conversion rate

More and more business people catching up with the VALUE of social media and online business more businesses are investing in it. If your competition isn’t doing it yet, they will soon. Stay ahead of them.

Do you want to learn more about how to improve your conversion rate?