Hot Links Friday: Extremely Useful for Online Businesses

useful-business-linksIt’s difficult to stay on top of all the information flying around on the web, that is why I’m sharing with you today these HOT LINKS. I’ve saved all of what I think is the best content for you. I can’t write about all these topics myself and if I decided to do that, by the time I’d be done it might not be as useful to you.

Anyways, I recommend you bookmark these articles yourself for later if you can read them all, they might come in handy later. I know you have a business to run.

Here are some of the HOT LINKS I found this week:


A Startup Produces Infomercial For The Internet

When I first read this post it made me think of what we could begin to see as the future of selling on the web. Joyus a new startup to be the next QVC online?


Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising

It’s berserk to see how much money businesses are expected to spend on advertising in 2011. When the facts prove that a small percent of consumers trust advertising as a source for product or service information. Find out who they actually trust…


Google Adwords Express Target Small Businesses

Seems like Google sees potential in the online local businesses market and it’s launched a more simple advertising platform that small business owners can start using with a shorter learning curve. If you’re a small business owner this should be a very valuable tool for you, becuase it saves you money, you would otherwise be paying people like me to create your online marketing campaigns.


Are Social Media “Experts” Worthless?

I bet that as a business owner you’ve asked yourself the same question. Sonia Simone make a good argument of whether it’s a wise decision to “hire or not a social media expert” in this post, and it also clarifies the rumor of whether 95% of social media experts are clowns or not.

There you go, four HOT sausages, I mean links you can fill your brain with. Did you find any of these useful?

If those links were not enough…

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Why Companies Should Invest in the Customer Experience

We all know how frustrating it can be to get a hold of a big company, hardly do they ever respond to your emails and if they do this is how it look:


Yea, I contacted them and told them their Guacamole sucked, WHAT?? I was just being an honest customer. No, but in all seriousness I wasn’t rude. I really just wanted to help them make their product better.

After buying their Guacamole and dipping my first chip and almost throwing up after just one dip I figured why not, you know. As you can see…they did respond but it wasn’t the answer I expected.

There was something I did like about this company that impressed me. Unlike most replies (if you’re lucky) you receive are automated responses that annoying the crap out of you.

However, this post isn’t about me being a dissatisfied customer or something like that. The reason I was inspired about write this post was because everywhere I read something today I keeped running into one company.


You might be wondering what is Zendesk?

In their own words they’re a “web-based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system and a self-service customer support platform. Agile, smart and convenient.”

I got really curious about customer service today, because like I said it seems like it was customer service day (that should be everyday). At least 4 out of all the blog posts I read talked about how important customer experience or customer service is.

So I figured I share some of the interesting facts that I got from my research. I think if you’re a business you’re going to like them and hopefully they’ll ring a bell too.

I’m a true believer that no fancy ad campaign can replace the ultimate value of giving customer the best possible service. You don’t think so? Would you go back to buy more stuff from someone that treated you crappy?

Now with all the word of mouth reviews on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites coming up everyday, you need to invest in customer service more than ever. You make one little mistake, and it can take off on the web so fast, specially if it’s bad.

If you want the facts check out this awesome infographic:

Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising help desk softwareImage originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog


Why Small Businesses Got It Made (if they listen)

If you like interacting with each customer, showing them you care and want to help them if they’re paying or not you have a great opportunity.

As you can see in the infographic, you cannot afford to not pay attention to each and every customer. You and I know that as customers we want to be acknowledge by the company.

One bad experience and they are going somewhere else, that’s why you need to show them some customer love. To thrive in this economy as a small business every customer should matter.

Are you investing into customer service?

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