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I’m hoping that if you’ve gotten this far into the Skills2Money series I don’t really have to explain why social media can be of value to you in marketing your business online.

For those of you who are new here, the Skill2Money is a series that I began about 2 months ago to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and freelancers use the power of the web to market their businesses using social media.

That said, here’s what social media can do:

Hot Links Friday: Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Analytics, Getting Found…

Hot-links-fridayI feel like this week flew by and I didn’t get much done. Although I did get to write a couple of posts about Twitter tools and search engine optimization (SEO), I still feel like I should have done more. Anyway, if you missed any of the two posts I recommend you read the one on Twitter, it has a nice little bonus you can use to avoid wasting time on Twitter and useful tips on how to use it only 20 minutes a day effectively.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I try to do a Hot Links Friday post every week, I admit it, a few weeks ago I missed one or two. Anyhow, the goal of this post is to share with you some content that I wished I had written and shared with you, but couldn’t because I already had my hands full. It’s also information that you might have never found, so I find it and share it anyway, that’s what the web is all about.

So enough blabbing, let’s get right into it:

How to Get Found Everywhere For Free: Exclusive Rand Fishkin Video Tutorial and Webinar!

This is actually an event that’s going to happen on September 29th and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. He’s going to be talking about How to Get Found Everywhere for FREE, I’m very excited to watch this and see what he talks about.

I think anybody that’s struggling to rank their website on the search engines will learn a ton from Rand, he’s the most knowledgeable and respected person online, when it comes to SEO. Go sign up for the webinar!

Mastering the Small Business Link Building Basics

This is a great place to start if you’re a small business just starting out and haven’t really built a presence on the web. Don’t struggle with building links anymore, just head over and read this post and begin your backlinking journey.

60 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

I know this looks like a monster of a post and in fact it is. I bookmarked it myself because there’s no way I’m going to be able to apply all of them at once, let alone this year. Although, I already knew some of these ninja social media marketing tips, I still learned a couple that I’ve yet to apply to my businesses. I thought creating a seasonal branded image was one of the more creative tips. See if you can learn something new you can use this Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

14 Awesome Features in the New Google Analytics v5

Just when you thought you knew enough about Google Analytics, they bring out more toys to play with. I’m not complaining, I’ve been playing around with it and I like it. If you’re a big numbers guy like me, you want to know exactly all the details of what people are doing in your website you’ll enjoy all these new features. Just to warn you Eugen did a great job at explaining all the features and you might want to sit down and take your time reading it or bookmark it.

The Modern Executives Essential Social Media Toolkit Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s better if you just click the link and see for yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Blog Conversion Rates

When you want to turn web traffic into leads, there is only one guy you should be listening to. Well, the person I turn to is @derekhalpern. In these 7 videos you’ll learn so much about conversion you’ll be a jedi of blog conversion. The videos are long but worth watching, at least one every other day, most of the tips for each case study differ a little bit, which I like because you can then apply some of the conversion tips that relate most to you or your website.

10 Top Business Blogs and Why They Are Successful

Companies are starting to realize how important it is to have a blog, but it’s not always easy to find a strategy or guide to follow. What I liked about these business blogs was, they all are in different industries and they’ve succeeded at attracting new visitors to their website and build a community through them. Check and see if you can model some of their strategies to building a successful business blog.

I want to thank Janet, Sandra, Bryce, Rojish, Brock, Adrienne, Justin and Ilka and everyone who read my posts for being supporters of this website. I try to write the best content you guys can use in your own business to be more successful.

Finally, I want to know if you’re struggling with anything, please leave it in the comments or email me or tweet me a question or something you need help with in your online business. I’d like to skype with anyone that needs some kind of help in any way with SEO, social media, blogging, conversion optimization or whatever I want to help you.


How to Use Twitter in a Real Life Business Scenario

Earlier this week I received an from a reader asking me if I could explain how to use twitter for her business.

I figured that more than one person is probably asking themselves the same question, so why not share it with all of you. So in this post I’m going to explain how powerful a tool social media can be for improving the sales process.

The Situation

Say one day one of your sales reps or yourself is returning a call to a lead you get from your website lead generator. Now if by any chance you couldn’t reach that person on the phone, so you leave a voicemail just saying you’re following up on their requests.

Now this could be the end of the conversation.

But later you find out (because you monitor your @reply tweets) that this prospect was unhappy with the voicemail that was on his inbox.

For example: @theprospect: “I just heard the voicemail @yourbusiness just left me and they said….” really? Who does that?

Top 10 Social Media List of Infographics + a Bonus

 Social Media R.O.I

The question all businesses are asking, “what’s the R.O.I.?”. With more businesses investing time and money into social media they want to know the numbers. MDG did a good job making it less confusing, and easy to understand with pictures and numbers in this social media infographic.


Using Social Media: 10 Useful Resources to Grow Your Business

social-media-websitesAre you using social media in your business? You’ve probably been asked that question a lot lately. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Stumbleupon and a million other social media tools and tactics to use.

The trend is growing farther and farther away from traditional media to social media. By 2015 online marketing will account for 70% of small businesses budgets. That’s a big chunk if you ask me.

It’s kind of dumb of me to say this, but if they’re switching is because it probably works, don’t you think?

There’s more than one reason why people should be using social media. But the most common reason is to get more clients,customers, and also make more money. Let’s be real, that’s the goal of a business right, besides you’re intrinsic reasons.

Here are some interesting blog posts I found on how to use social media in your small business:

  • How to promote an event thru Twitter— Businesses are always having some kind of event, what better way to let people know than by Twitter. If one person sees the tweet and they re-tweet it, than their followers can see it and on and on…
  • The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing— There’s certain things you need to have in place in any kind of marketing. Copyblogger does an excellent job at describing some of the most important factors to have in your foundation.
  • Start Now on Google Plus— Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, now Google+. How do I get started there. You go to the pros, like Chris Brogan.
  • Facebook Updates Help Users Share Better With Others— With Google+ coming to join the social networks battle, Facebook has been on it’s toes and they’ve come out with some good updates for sharing content. They’re definitely making some good steps in the right direction with privacy settings.

For some people just getting started in their businesses it can be overwhelming to figure out all this marketing online stuff, plus all the other things that go into building a business. But as a business owner it’s crucial that you focus on social media as part of your marketing mix.

So tell me, are you using social media in your business? Do you think social media is effective? If so, leave a comment, tell us how your business has benefited from using social media.