How to Use Twitter in a Real Life Business Scenario

Earlier this week I received an from a reader asking me if I could explain how to use twitter for her business.

I figured that more than one person is probably asking themselves the same question, so why not share it with all of you. So in this post I’m going to explain how powerful a tool social media can be for improving the sales process.

The Situation

Say one day one of your sales reps or yourself is returning a call to a lead you get from your website lead generator. Now if by any chance you couldn’t reach that person on the phone, so you leave a voicemail just saying you’re following up on their requests.

Now this could be the end of the conversation.

But later you find out (because you monitor your @reply tweets) that this prospect was unhappy with the voicemail that was on his inbox.

For example: @theprospect: “I just heard the voicemail @yourbusiness just left me and they said….” really? Who does that?

Top 10 Social Media List of Infographics + a Bonus

 Social Media R.O.I

The question all businesses are asking, “what’s the R.O.I.?”. With more businesses investing time and money into social media they want to know the numbers. MDG did a good job making it less confusing, and easy to understand with pictures and numbers in this social media infographic.


Using Social Media: 10 Useful Resources to Grow Your Business

social-media-websitesAre you using social media in your business? You’ve probably been asked that question a lot lately. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Stumbleupon and a million other social media tools and tactics to use.

The trend is growing farther and farther away from traditional media to social media. By 2015 online marketing will account for 70% of small businesses budgets. That’s a big chunk if you ask me.

It’s kind of dumb of me to say this, but if they’re switching is because it probably works, don’t you think?

There’s more than one reason why people should be using social media. But the most common reason is to get more clients,customers, and also make more money. Let’s be real, that’s the goal of a business right, besides you’re intrinsic reasons.

Here are some interesting blog posts I found on how to use social media in your small business:

  • How to promote an event thru Twitter— Businesses are always having some kind of event, what better way to let people know than by Twitter. If one person sees the tweet and they re-tweet it, than their followers can see it and on and on…
  • The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing— There’s certain things you need to have in place in any kind of marketing. Copyblogger does an excellent job at describing some of the most important factors to have in your foundation.
  • Start Now on Google Plus— Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, now Google+. How do I get started there. You go to the pros, like Chris Brogan.
  • Facebook Updates Help Users Share Better With Others— With Google+ coming to join the social networks battle, Facebook has been on it’s toes and they’ve come out with some good updates for sharing content. They’re definitely making some good steps in the right direction with privacy settings.

For some people just getting started in their businesses it can be overwhelming to figure out all this marketing online stuff, plus all the other things that go into building a business. But as a business owner it’s crucial that you focus on social media as part of your marketing mix.

So tell me, are you using social media in your business? Do you think social media is effective? If so, leave a comment, tell us how your business has benefited from using social media.

Quick Tip: Where Should My Small Business Be Present Online?

I know that if you’re a small business owner, this question has been coming up a lot. Let me ask you a question, well actually a couple of them:

Have you ever looked for recommendations of a product online, for example, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube?

If you at least said “yes” to one of these, then there’s the answer to your question. Don’t you think that if you’re doing it, your customers are too? Of course they are, they think, act, and buy just like you do. Most people research on Google before they buy a product these days.

Or they ask a friend on Twitter or Facebook what they think about the product if they’ve bought it already. Actually a lot of people buy stuff now because they’ve posted it on Facebook to begin with, they saw their post and went and bought it.

I know there’s to many different social networks to start with and you’re just probably wondering where to put all your energy and effort first without wasting any time.

It seems to difficult to maintain a presence on all of these while achieving the same success.

I want to help you focus on the ones that matter at the moment. Here are the most popular social networks that are widely recognized and used by the majority of your customers:

  • Youtube (570+ million users)
  • Twitter (200+ million users)
  • Facebook (750+ million users)
  • LinkedIn (100+ million users)

Are you on any of these yet? If you’re not yet and you have a small business, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your business.