Control “When You Do It” to Multiply your Money

If you have not checked out the first part to this series, I recommend you do so.  Check out how you can begin to control the “what you do” part first.

I use to think that the best way to multiply my income was to work more hours per week. I learned my lesson the hard way, and trust me you don’t want to do it the same way. Even though I was self employed, working more hours did not help my end goal. If anything, it actually helped me make less money and add more stress to my life.

The main reason for this was that I was not doing what I loved. I was not following my true passions. The thing is, selling vacuums door to door for more hours does not make you any happier; getting twice as many doors slammed at your face, if anything, lowers your self-everything (esteem,worth,dignity). That’s why controlling “what you do” is the first step before you start focusing on “when you do it”.

See, I know that if you are looking for a way to really live the location independence lifestyle you’re probably not controlling when you do anything, like when you wake up, when you go to work or start working, or even when you stop working and go home, am I right?

How to start controlling when you do it:

Before something becomes a reality it has to come from a thought (don’t mean to get all “law of attraction” expert here) but I believe that’s how you can begin to change what you are doing, when you do it. For example, what are you thinking about right now as you read this post? Probably of how you can learn to control when you do stuff, the way you found this post is the same way, you where thinking of how you can start doing what you want when you want to, right? Well there you go. Start THINKING of when you want to do something, what you’ve always wanted to do, and WRITE it down.

My next suggestion would be to start a time line of how you are going to get from where you are today to where you want to be in a week. For example, if you want to start waking up earlier, (a) you need to set up the alarm for an earlier time and (b) you need to go to bed earlier. You see, if you can write down some actionable steps you can achieve when you want to do something. I know this is a simple goal, but if you want to really start controlling your life and when you do whatever it is that you want to do, you need to plan!


Write down something BIG you want to change, something unrealistic in your mind. Example: instead of working at an office, working from your home.

Put down 3 action steps. Example: start looking for jobs that can be done from home. Find a job related to what I like to do. Apply at 10 places per week until I get the job.

If you want to begin controlling your life you need to do unrealistic and unreasonable things NOW. Your mind is used to a 9-5 job, it’s used to taking orders from others, and it’s used to doing things that make you fit in with the average crowd. Say goodbye to all those from now on controlling what you do and when you do it.

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