Converting Consumers into Customers Five Tactics That Work

I must emphasize how important the continuous relationship is with your email list aka leads so you can show credibility and tremendous value.

Every single time you send out a new email this responsibility will restart itself. And by keeping a consistent communication, even in it’s most simple form it will help you stay in the back of their minds.

It will also grow the chances of you being that person they call first when they need your products or services.

Of course, you can also be stronger about promoting to your leads. Here are five simple tactics I’ve used:

Constant Contact

What I mean by constant contact is regularly sharing content is crucial, also when you decide to share as well. If you establish the expectation that you’ll post every Monday and Friday (I’ll be doing here soon), you better do that. I’ve learned for a lot of well know online marketers, that consistency will keep you on the “top of their mind”.

Everyone Likes NEW

Your a freelancer, right? Well, prove that you’ve been freelancing, actually working with new clients, project, or your own stuff by posting about it or sharing it to your list. It’s very good for proof and testimonials. Share “new” news.

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Deal?

Including promotions and special offers works great. A good way people get motivated to buy something is by saving on the purchase (why do you think every store has a sale?). Scarcity also works like a charm, For example: Sunday sale only, you have 24 hours to buy, and special ends today. You’ve heard them all, they work, that’s why companies still use them.

Organize your Email List

If you’re using a tool like Mailchimp (affiliate link), you can figure out which prospects are responding to your campaign. Then you can create a better follow-up list, compared to people just receiving your emails.

Divide your Email List

What you can do when you first get the lead, is to ask simple questions to help you better divide the list for a better follow up. For example, once you know that this person is interested in this certain thing, you can customize it so their updates consist of that type of information, instead of them just receiving other junk that might make them run away.

There you have them, these five tactics have helped me convert more leads into sales. By the way if you’re new to this blog, this is one of a series of post called the Skills 2 Money. The series is very useful if you’re a freelancer, but I think anyone that’s looking to leverage the web will benefit from it also. If you missed the last post about the series, you can find it here.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been a regular reader, I’m trying to make this series better for you. I can only get better if I can get some feedback from you guys.

What do you think so far about the Skill 2 Money series? Is it useful, what other topics do you really want to hear about? I’m all ears.

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