Elegant Themes vs Custom WordPress Template

There’s a big debate whether you should buy a cookie cutter theme like the ones Elegant Themes creates or hiring a custom WordPress template designer.

Today I’m going to try to look at this debate from both points of view. I’ve always believed in good design, but still believed more in the “content is king” mantra.

If you ask a web design agency which is better, you’re never going to hear one recommend a template.

Think about it, if you believe that you and your business are unique and you want to communicate this message, well then your website needs to reflect this.

Almost every business works differently and you’re not going to find a template that function to your requirements.

The point I’m trying to make is, the keyword “custom web design”. And it all depends on what that customer wants or more specifically, what that customer needs.


WordPress Templates

What is a template? Templates are pre-designed and pre-developed websites like the ones offered by Elegant Themes. You can find them from all ranges “like WOW that’s awesome to, that looks horrendous”.

They make a good choice for people who want a website based more around functionality without all the bells and whistles of a custom design, and are looking to save a pretty penny. But just because they are low price, doesn’t mean you won’t get the quality if you had went with a custom WordPress design.

There are literally thousands of templates to choose from and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and look after a bit of looking. Except, with templates, what you see is what you get; there is not much room for customization.

Designing a WordPress template from scratch will take a chunk of time, using templates will save you time. There’s no brainstorming with a hired designer, just a site that’s empty and ready to be filled with content.

Though the benefits to using templates are endless, it’s not for everyone.

A con of using pre-designed layouts is that others might be using the same design. Anyone can to buy the same template. Another thing to be aware of when deciding to use a template is the amount of WordPress knowledge you may have. If you’re not comfortable with code, you may have a hard time setting up in the first place and maintaining the site, and doing SEO to be able to have a findable site.

If you’re looking for very unique design, you’re bound to be disappointed, since they probably won’t find exactly what you are looking for.

Hiring a WordPress Designer

Hiring a professional WordPress designer would bring you a number of benefits. Let’s look at some pros for why you should hire a professional WordPress designer:

  • a professional WordPress design gives your targeted audiences the right impression
  • security to your website so that nobody can hack in to your website and cause any damage
  • good search engine optimization is built in a code
  • consistency of all elements throughout the site; the entire style of the site is relevant to your business industry and brand

Ask yourself  these questions. Will a template website be effective?, will it help my product or business stand out?, does it meet my needs and my customers needs? Does the template have a long lasting design?

If you answer yes to all of the questions above, then an WordPress template might be your solution. If you answered no, then finding a custom WordPress designer might be the right path for your site.


The road you choose depends completely on the needs you or your business might have. There really isn’t a good-better-best solution here. If I was to be bias, I’d be in the designer’s corner saying that’s the best route.

But I don’t believe that’s the only alternative. I do believe templates can be a great solution, and they were created to solve a problem. Designers should be happy they don’t have thousands of people contacting them about getting work done for pennies on the dollar.

With WordPress themes people don’t have to depend on WordPress designers high prices and time available.