Email=Real Customers=Money.Knucklehead

I can probably find a GAZILLION posts about setting up an email marketing campaign and it’s importance. Do you really know the meaning of having one?

Tell me the truth, does your business or blog have an email opt-in box? Why not?

It took me about a year to get one set up myself on this blog, but I was not worried about it. After all what’s the point of having one if your not offering anything in exchange you know?

Well now I know that my blog is my business, and if you yourself running a business, email is the best way to keep in contact with your customers and prospects.

If you didn’t know, there’s an estimated 2.9 billion email users out there. If your a business just starting out, with a low-budget than, it matters to have that email box on your website. It’s the cheapest route.

Seriously what are you waiting for? You see my email opt-in, okay, put your name and email address then submit it. Now you can start getting good stuff in the inside from me. Don’t worry I don’t spam. I value too much.

By now, you’re probably thinking okay, what am I waiting for? I should go to my website and start working on that.

First of all, yea you should do that.

But wait Wilson, you haven’t really said anything about the HOW-TO. I agree with you. I haven’t I leave that to the experts. I know it matters now. And I know there’s a specific location where you can add email opt-in boxes to increase your leads, but I don’t claim to be the expert on the HOW-TO.

I could go ahead and write about it, but I’d rather give credit to those who know more about it than me. The following are some of the resources I think will benefit you the most if you’re serious about building that list.

Lately Derek Halpern has been really kicking some as at it, he has a nice guide called building an email list 101. I’ve been reading pretty much everything Derek writes and I know his shiznit is the real shitnitz, if you know what I mean. All kidding aside I trust him.

As a matter of fact, he just did a video about converting strategies on one of my other favorite bloggers Corbett Barr. Go and check this video now, or when you get some free time. It’s worth million bucks in value I believe. I’ve seen some guides that charged for info like that. But I guess that’s why Derek and Corbett are different than your typical online marketer.

Finally, I don’t know when did I find this website, but I’m glad I did. They offered some great Free Reports that helped me with my mini-sites. I believe you should definitely read Conversion secrets of a million-dollar landing page here.

Hey by the way don’t forget to put your name and email address to stay updated, really big stuff I’m working on and I think you’ll find it extremely valuable if you want to succeed with your online journey.

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