Yaro Starak is Giving Away Entrepreneur Trading Cards

So just like a few moments ago I was reading some blogs and I ran into one of my favorite entrepreneurs online, Yaro Starak. It’s funny because I guess Evan Carmichael an entrepreneur from Toronto has just created these entrepreneur trading cards. Which I think is an awesome idea.

I remember when I was I little kid back in Cali, Colombia we used to collect these super campeones (super champions) and Los Cabelleros del Zodiaco (Gentlemen of the Zodiac) trading cards and also Futbol trading cards.

For entrepreneurs that are so passionate about business this will be a great way to connect with others and even kids that like business can connect with other kids that dream of being like all these new young entrepreneurs in the world. They’ll might even want to be on the cover of one of these days.

Anyway check out Yaro’s Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards post and Evan Carmichaels blog on motivation and strategies for the entrepreneur. Both guys have some awesome content. I actually just found Evan through Yaro…Thanks Yaro!!

The best thing is that the cards are for a good cause…

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