Everyone Doesn’t Want to be an Internet Marketer?


So I had to write this. I’m a little frustrated and I might just call out some people I don’t even know, but who cares? This is my blog and I’d rather be straight up with all of you anyway.

A few days ago Corbett Barr inspired me to write about this because of his post:

When Did Social Media Forget About Everyone Else?

Go read it, it might inspire you too. After reading it, it made me think of all the wanna-be-internet-marketers out there and bloggers. I am not frustrated with them, but with the people that are teaching them all this B.S and they’re going out there and doing it.

Now you might think, why do you even care about people like this kid?

I mean… congratulations for going out there and trying to make a buck online, but you would think they’d have the common sense to think, “Wait, is this ethical what I am doing? Shit, I don’t even know what I’m doing; why am I teaching and promising all this fake shit?”

Who’s with me on this?

I mean seriously, do you think people trust these poor guys that sound like they’re reading some script? A shitty Internet marketer told them “do this and you’ll make money online.”

The worst part of all is that you can see that they’re not getting leads. If you look at their traffic, “if you know how to do that,” you’ll find that they’re not getting crap. And I’m no guru, but I know that you need traffic to build a business online.

Oh, and as if you didn’t notice how well put these websites are. Yea it’s sad. Hey my site is not that great I know, but at least when you come here you don’t think, “Just another WordPress blog.”

note: If either of you guys that I’m talking about in this post find this post, understand I am not hating on you but on whoever taught you what you’re doing.

Okay so you’ve noticed that I kind of went on a rant there. So you’re probably thinking, so if this is the wrong way to do Internet marketing, what’s the right way?

Well, I’ve learned that there’re “two rules” to this:

  • Don’t promote “make money online, opportunity, get-rich-quick” products
  • Don’t forget the first rule

Corbett makes a great point on that post where he says “not everyone wants to be a social media consultant.” In my case what I’m trying to say here is not everyone is trying to be an Internet marketer.

I really wish I could help these guys so they could focus all their efforts on something more productive. I know that both of them will eventually fail and say how affiliate marketing or IM whichever one they tried, was horrible and it was a scam.

For those of us that actually do make money through providing value to readers and focus only on promoting products that are worth it, know that’s how the story goes for people like them.

Who can I Trust Online

Believe it or not now there’re plenty of people you can trust, but the ratio of scam vs. legit advice is still high. Some of the people that have helped me on my success and who I truly respect are these guys:


Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com


Glen Allsopp from viperchill.com



Corbett Barr from corbettbarr.com and thinktraffic.net

Although these guys talk about making money online, and blogging, but REAL shit that works, their goal is not to convince you to do the same thing they’re doing, but to use the tactics and strategies they’re using with your business. (which hopefully is not about making money online).

Conclusion of all my blabberness

I know that’s not even a word

If you’re imitating the tactics from those I’m criticizing , you’re doing the wrong thing. Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe you don’t mean to be a scammy Internet marketer, but you need to stop if you really want to start producing results online and really adding value to the web.

I’m 100% sure if you’re able to go and do something that really combines with your core values, you’ll be more successful. (I can’t guarantee that building a site around cat juggling will work either )

If you and I are on the same page, we’ll make good friends, so if you want to keep up with the site just subscribe for updates. I can guarantee you I won’t fill your mind with B.S. Oh and I’m on twitter too.

  • Jon

    The popular online markets are definitely incestuous. Rather than people applying what they learn, they try to re-teach everything they just read or watched. This probably stems from going to school and not learning how to apply anything; just recite the same information back to pass tests.

    We should all tear a page out of Corbett’s book and try showing non-IM people how to apply the strategies that work for “make money online” guys to their own businesses.

    Thanks man!

    • Kevin

      That’s a good point Jon. I think too often people try to replicate instead of innovate.

      I admit that I take a lot of inspiration from other people online, but I am constantly trying to be my own person and stand by my own beliefs even though I know legit counter beliefs exist. Its a tough thing to do, but its what makes people unique.


      • Hey Kevin, a good book that I read a few months ago and I remember this because I’m reading his new boook is Ignore Everybody by Hugh Macleod. If you visit his blog you’ll hear more about his new book it’s really good and it’s a good read.

        I’m the same way, I always want to do the opposite of what everyone is doing.

  • Lol, I would never trust anyone online, ever 🙂

  • Good article. I agree with your take on these guys, and personally I think there should be a big button on every browser that allows me to nuke their sites, maybe so just I don’t see it anymore…

    The sad fact of it is that people still chase after that “get rich without (or little) effort” elixir. It doesn’t exist, yet people continue to chase after it.

    Nice to find your blog, thinking I’ll hang around for a bit.