Finding a Replacement for Google Reader

A Better Alternative to Google Reader

So many people are freaking out because Google reader is shutting down, relax people there’s other Google reader alternatives out there. I’m not to involved in the apps worlds, so I’m no expert to say I saw it coming, but with awesome tools out there like feedly, it doesn’t surprise me.

If Google’s not making money on a product it makes sense why they would shut Google reader down. But on the positive side is that it gives sites like feedly a chance to step in and grow.

I’m sure bloggers and other web publishers weren’t to happy to see this happen. It’s probably affect slightly some businesses, but again, there is a solution.

Google Reader shuts down completely on July 1st, I will lose a bulk of these RSS subscribers forever.

As a consumer of RSS feeds, it is less of a concern as there are better alternatives to Google Reader. I’ve also used flipboard and I like using it on my iPhone. Lifehacker wrote a great article on the Five Best Google Reader Alternatives and it turns out feedly came on top on their poll. So it’s not just me, but others think so too. One last tool I’d like to suggest if you have a Mac/iPad is Reeder, I really just started using it on the Mac and I love it.