Getting back to what I love doing…Yea!

Beer. Women. and more Women and more beer. (I might have been drunk when I wrote this beware)

Okay, I’m messing with all you. But you’re probably wondering what is that, that I love so much. Simple, I won’t keep you hanging anymore, it’s online marketing and these cool idea on how to transform whatever you build into something that allow you to put bread on your table.

Yea, I know you love it too. For the last few months while I was working on self teaching me how to code, I was so depressed not being able to understand all the mumbo jumbo, and being away from the online business community that I had to say NO MORE!

Behind the scenes I’ve been watching more people getting bigger and bigger every day, which makes me happy to see. But I’ve also been thinking about cool stuff to write about and share with my community. This post is just my I’m back post and we’ll see what the future bring to my blog.

All I want to really focus on from this moment on is working on mini-sites and marketing tips to really help out more people like you and me make more money and have fun while at it.

If the 25 of you that stuck around waiting for me to come back have something to ask be my guest and leave me a comment or send me an email on what you want me to write about. I’ve already have over 100+ post ideas that I’m going to be putting a lot of time into, so don’t expect me to write about them ASAP, but do please send them to me. If I can write them fast and the question is good, I’ll put away that other content and focus on your question.

As for now, I gotta go work on my business.

  • Hey Wilson!

    Glad to see you getting back to marketing and what you love doing.

    Funny thing is, I’ve been really getting into some programming stuff too that I wanted to learn but hadn’t put the time into before.

    Keep moving forward and making progress towards your goals!


    • Dude I’m so glad to actually see you comment on my blog. Thanks I’m not f*cking around I love the challenge of programming, but I online marketing is much more fun for me. I hope you succeed with your programming goals too though.