Hot Links Friday: Rules, Bridesmaid, People Who Make Money, Social Media & SEO

social-media-seo(So I want to apologize for my mistakes. Yes, I know…you guys are mad at me because you wanted to see this weeks Hot Links but you weren’t able to.

I made a mistake and I thought the post was already scheduled automatically.)

Hot Links Friday

I spent a lot of time reading on the web and looking for great content for you folks to consume over the weekend so you can improve you small business revenue, productivity and hopefully success.

This week I did find some random post around the web, but I gotta tell you that most of the good stuff I found in one blog. I think you’ll find some great snippets in between all these posts from QuickSprout and be able to apply some of them to your own small businesses.

Business Rules

The first post was about 11 rules to work by to create a thriving businesses.

I’m not the type of person that agree with everything. I always have to put my two cents in, but I have to say most of the stuff in this post is true and I highly recommend you take some notes on this one. Just to give you an example of one of the rules:

Rule #3: Never make promises you can’t keep.


Learning from a Bridesmaid, Whaaaat?

I’ve learned a lot from different businesses, but never I’ve never really learned business from a Bridesmaid until now. (I guess that’s the difference in a great entrepreneur, they see what others never do)

I was a bit skeptical at first about this articles title, but since I know that Neil usually knows what he’s talking about.

Don’t believe me, Kissmetrics and Crazyegg are two successful online businesses he’s co-founded.

But seriously, if you want to know why people usually buy stuff, what are the best types of businesses, and what’s the ultimate sophistication go check it out.

5 Computer Illiterate People Who Make Money Online

This is the title of the next post.

I know what you’re thinking, who the (explicit) are these people? okay maybe you’re not thinking that.

But I sure was. I’ll let you find out for yourself, if you’re curious enough.

And last…

The main these of this blog is anything online marketing/social media marketing related.

Social Media and SEO

In How Social Media Affects SEO Neil really made some great points about how social is really changing some things around.

I think if you have a business online, or offline you should read this article.

It really helped me understand why social media and search engine optimization matter if you’re trying to rank on the first page of Google.

So there you have it, another week of Hot Links Friday.

Even though all of the content came from one website only, I’ll say this, I consider Neil to be one of my favorite business mentors and once you read one of his posts you’ll understand why.

Okay enough of me blabbing, go ahead and check these out. (click on the links if you want to be taken to the posts)