How to Use Twitter in a Real Life Business Scenario

Earlier this week I received an from a reader asking me if I could explain how to use twitter for her business.

I figured that more than one person is probably asking themselves the same question, so why not share it with all of you. So in this post I’m going to explain how powerful a tool social media can be for improving the sales process.

The Situation

Say one day one of your sales reps or yourself is returning a call to a lead you get from your website lead generator. Now if by any chance you couldn’t reach that person on the phone, so you leave a voicemail just saying you’re following up on their requests.

Now this could be the end of the conversation.

But later you find out (because you monitor your @reply tweets) that this prospect was unhappy with the voicemail that was on his inbox.

For example: @theprospect: “I just heard the voicemail @yourbusiness just left me and they said….” really? Who does that?

Your Answer

This is nuts! I respect everyone that takes the time to sign up to receive products or marketing from me and I wouldn’t ever want to leave a bad impression in their eyes, especially something like this. I have to say something…

In this scenario, you of course manage your companies social media presence and noticed this tweet, and respond the best way you can and you apologize.

@yourbusiness: @theprospect So sorry for this voicemail. That’s not how I meant to say that. Can I do anything to help you with…

The Result

The prospect responds back by giving you a call and tweeting something positive — Awesome! (the power of social media)

@theprospect: @yourbusiness Oh no biggie whatsoever. I love everything you do, I just thought what you said was funny Thanks for calling too.

Taking it a little deeper

This is a great example of success in using social media in a business– you’ve taken care a problem and fixed it fast. And you can probably just stop there, but why not learn from this situation and improve the sales process. If you have a team you could have a meeting about the tweet and voicemail. Should you change that voicemail’s message? Can you a better job at calling leads? Is there a better time to call to avoid unanswered calls? You can brainstorm different ideas to apply.

What do we learn from using social media in a business scenario?

In this situation, we learn that social media is a powerful tool for improving the sales process alone. What can we take from this?

  • Monitor Twitter. If you’re listening you can catch what customers are saying and you can do something about it, unlike before it wasn’t possible.
  • Responding is better than ignoring. If you’ve made a mistake, it’s better to admit it and apologize to restore that relationship.
  • Learn from it and make it better. You have the feedback from the people who matter (your current/future customers), now use it to improve your business. This is real-time research from real people–use it!

How about you, do you have any real situations of how you’ve used social media to improve your business in some way? Leave a comment below.

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  • Hi Wilson,

    Great example. Twitter is such a good way to listen. I’ve used Twitter as a way to connect with some amazing people and role models of mine. I couldn’t agree more with what you shared.



    • You’re pretty smart for using twitter that way. BTW, did you hear about the twitter analytics tool they’re about to launch too?

  • Good points you made Wilson. I agree although I don’t have a small business like the example in your post. But I have had people contact me through Twitter at my @ reply and I respond to them all. People like that you are so readily available and willing to help. It’s extremely important when building a business.

    One other thing I would like to add. You need to have your Twitter ID set up here on your site so that when we tweet your posts, you’ll know that we shared your content. People want you to recognize them for sharing your content and of course, it helps to do the same for your readers as well. Without that in place, more people when usually just comment and leave.


    • Thank you so much for the pointer, I didnt even know it wasnt set up I’ll do that tonight can’t believe I missed that.

  • Wilson, aloha. Great advice. Being a huge fan of twitter, I know and appreciate how easy it is to connect with people and to do business on twitter. While at first I didn’t “get it,” now that I do, I so appreciate what can be accomplished in 140 characters. At this point, I far prefer twitter to facebook.

    Excellent advice, Wilson. Best wishes for a spectacular Sunday. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • I know I love twitter too, a friend asked me what do you there, tell people you’re going home, eating a pizza, and bla blah blah. I had to take a few minutes to help him understand the positives.

  • Hi Wilson,
    I haven’t had anything like that with Twitter but I do use FaceBook for communicating with my readers.

    I often share thoughts and insights on FaceBook and sometimes people can get a little touchy about what I write. I usually write back to them explaining a little further and the reader usually responds in kind.

    • Well, I think if you’re not stirring the pot a little bit Justin you’re doing something wrong. If people are getting touchy, as in they’re discussing what you’re saying that’s a good thing. We all have different views, you must agree with some, disagree with some, and come up with your own a lot of times. At least to be original.

  • Hi Wilson,

    Great example! Just think, a few short years ago that wouldn’t have been possible, because social media wasn’t around. It’s still in it’s infancy but getting stronger and more powerful every single day. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up 🙂 …But it’s such a great (instant) communication tool!

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing it!


    • It’s true, times have change and fast. It still bothers me though when I see companies that are not integrating these tool in their business.

      I can understand that people don’t want to interact with every type of company, but there are still a bunch who could benefit from social media a ton.