Resources to Help you Put Together an eBook

Putting together an eBook for the first time is not an easy process and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be very overwhelming.  I know for sure that if I hadn’t had a guide throughout the whole process I wouldn’t have made it this far. This is what I’ve been using so far on my little secret project, that I told you about a few days ago.

I know some people that are new to the game have thought about creating their own eBook products, so today I just wanted to share with all of you some of the resources that have helped me put together a good eBook from the beginning.

My list of eBook Resources:

Pat Flynns’ eBooks the Smart Way: Pats’ eBook guide really was the first tool I used to help me get started. He really makes it easy and it takes you through the process of writing the book from the beginning to the end. The best part from this guide was how simple it was to follow and it’s a free guide. I strongly recommended to anyone thinking of writing an eBook the first time. If you just go to his site, which I’ve linked to, you can download it for free in the sidebar. Go get it!

Men with Pens’ How to Write a Good eBook: You know the one that doesn’t suck: The title says it all if you ask me. This was actually a blog post by Taylor Lindstrom from men with pens. I don’t know him that much but I know the content in this blog is awesome! The reason you should check this out is, it’s short, but it still provides excellent information for someone that doesn’t have an idea where to get started.

The Comprehensive Paint-by-numbers Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Ebook: This small guide, I found at It’s been fairly useful again even though it only covers about 16 points in the post. I would say that if you wanted to read only one guide, Pats’ would be it, but this guide at least gives you a breakdown of the whole process. If you want a pretty straightforward guide to producing and writing an eBook this would be it.

You should write an eBook: Before I read this I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write an eBook, after reading this from one of my favorite authors/entrepreneurs I knew it was time to get things done. I’m not here to convince you to write an eBook, but if you’d like a reason to write one, this might convince you.

Okay as I move along the process of writing this eBook I’ll keep you posted. For now just enjoy these great guides and resources, I know they’ll help you.

If you have any question at all just ask, I’m getting a ton of experience writing my first eBook and if you need my help I will do what I can. You can email me, tweet me, whatever makes you more confortable. If anyone has any other links and ideas to share, leave them in the comments below, I’m sure someone would appreciate them when they see this page.

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  • I’ve been wanting to write an ebook for a while; it’s only a matter of time before I do it. I checked out Pat’s book and it’s awesome! Thanks for the additional resources…

  • Hey Wilson!

    I have been itching to write an e-book for a long time. I have some ideas floating around but nothing has hooked me yet. However, I promised myself that I’d have something out by the beginning of next year.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about your e-book and thanks for the great resources. I actually just download Pat Flynn’s guide and I just started reading the Men With Pens blog. Both are quality.

    See you around!

  • I have been planning to write an ebook from about a couple of months, your resources are wonderful for starters like me. Thank you for sharing your worthy knowledge .

  • sarene

    my mother has written a book that she would like me to sell as an ebook for her, the only problem is i can’t seem to find any nfo on how to compile the ebook…… like how to make it present as a book, how to add the cover to the document etc.

    please help!

    • Hi Sarene, I would recommend that you use Pat Flynn’s free eBook on how to put together an eBook, just go to and sign up to get it. It’s a very useful eBook that can probably help you put it together. The other thing is design. I could help you with the design but I’d rather you hire a professional graphic designer to put it together. There are literally thousands of people on willing to do that for you and it’s not a bad price at all. Let me know if this helped you if not email me and I can see how else I can help you.