Internet Marketing Anyone Can Learn it

Don’t worry, I’m not about to give you that “get-rich-quick” scheme like the “gurus” are doing. I don’t like the hype and I bet you don’t either.

I’d like to be as real as I can, because that’s what you want and it’s what I like doing. If social media is what you’re into, you actually have a little advantage over most people that are out there trying to learn to market on the web.

You’re not just looking for that “magic bullet,” and you’re definitely not looking to build a business in 24 hours, with a click of a button, without having to learn a single thing about your business. Let’s just say that you don’t believe in “get-rich-quick” schemes that have solutions to your issues, am I right?

You basically just want the real deal; you want the hardcore good guide on Internet marketing that really works.

That’s great because that’s exactly what I’m about to share here. And like the title says “You don’t have to be Bill Gates to get it”

The Little Secret of Internet Marketing

How many times have you heard the gurus say “content is king”, content is king…and content is king? Probably too many times, and it is, but the king also needs a queen, a prince or princess, his soldiers, a horse, a castle and a village. What I’m trying to say is that he’s not really the king. In Internet marketing I’ve recently learned that what matters more than content is building relationships.

That’s right, but how do you know that’s the secret to Internet marketing success? Because people like Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, and even Chris Brogan can’t be wrong. Okay, they can but I trust them and you should too. It makes sense that building relationships is king. Here’s why:

You ride on a two way street

If you’re afraid of selling to your group, band, soldiers, or as I like to call them rebels then it’s not a relationship. It’s always a good to remind yourself that your blog, site or whatever you call it is a business, so you need to treat it like one. As long as the value you’re giving to your prospects is higher than what they’re paying for, it’s fair.

You need to let them know from the beginning that you plan on selling or promoting products, but don’t forget to give back to that relationship.

The Community is an Asset

The people on your list, your blog, your business all of them are the biggest asset we have. They help guide you in your decisions, because any decision you make has an impact on them. It’s extremely important to always ask yourself…

is this in my group’s best interest? How is this going to benefit them? Am I just doing this for the money?

Treat them right

You rub my back I rub your back kind of right. Of course most of the time they’ll want their backs rubbed more than once. But that’s okay. As long as they stay loyal to us, we should be happy. From this relationship your business can grow through referrals, as you might already know, “word-of-mouth” is the best marketing in the world—plus it’s free.

The “money’s in the list” is cliché, so what

You grab a ton of prospects and put them on a list that has the same interest in a certain topic; you’ll be able to print money from products that you promote to them. Does that sound like an evil plan? It’s not if you’re providing that list with things that they already want to buy. That’s how you make a living on the web.

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