How to Make More Customers Happy and Get More Attention

Do you ever ask yourself if your customers are happy? Why do they shop with you? Or wonder why do they thank you?

Maybe it’s my advertising strategy or maybe they like me, no… I know they like my blog design and many questions run through your brain. Let me just say that none of those really matter. Unless any of those things you thought made them happy customers, was changing their lives in some way.

Here’s the thing, there is a new way that you can market your business with content. The only problem is that people get a little too overwhelmed and give up too quickly when doing it, because you can do it a million ways. You can to get more prospects and convert them into paying customers just by using your content, how to keep them Feliz (Happy) is something you must do to keep them coming back.

In this part I’m going to explain the method/strategy you can use to get massive attention from your market and help you find more customers or maybe they find you.

You get the same results as the effort you put into it

Have you ever heard of those marketers that tell you to buy those auto-article-creators and market it on your sites? Yea it might save you a lot of time, but how happy you think customers are to read something made by a computer?

The best way I can explain it:

Not happy at all. “You get the same results as the effort you put into it”

What’s the point of doing what your adversaries are doing? How can you be original? YOU CAN’T. Besides, the search engines (Google) are getting too smart for this anyway. My suggestion is that if you still feel you don’t have the chops to put up some killer content, hire someone to do it. There’s plenty of talent out there, and that’s fine because you might have other skills.

Keep giving, you never know when they’ll take

That’s the beauty of using content to market.

Prospects will always be there and more keep coming out of nowhere. You’ll have more than one chance to get them to buy from you. As long as you keep giving them what they want, you’ll see their smiles from ear to ear.

Use content to build a relationship with your prospects, and grow some trust. If you keep giving them a reason/benefit to do business with you, they will eventually. (How many times have you been to the store before you bought what you always want to buy?)

The point is to keep giving, keep giving, and keep giving. What do you give you might ask? What they want wrapped up with VALUE. They’ll buy from you when the moment is right.

Separate the buyers from the liars

Write good content, content is king, good content sells. All that advice is fine and dandy, but does it mean business? If I had a dollar for every post written, I would be a zillionaire.

Of course I know that you’re smarter than I was when I first started. Someone once told me, “People fail, systems don’t.” Although I don’t agree 100%, I still believe half of it. That’s why I do believe you need to create a marketing system for your content.

And that’s something we can discuss for now. How do you create a good system that makes your customers comfortable to do business with you? What have you tried before or what is currently working for you. And more importantly are your customers happy with you?

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