Reader Questions: Realistically What is the Minimum Investment Required to Start an Internet Business?

If you ask a lot of people, they’re all going to say something different. And so am I. I guess there’s people of both sides of the fence, some say free is okay others think you need to own your domain, a reliable hosting service and

I’ve heard people say just use Facebook, Google+, etsy or devianart depending on what your business is about. Oh and if you already have a company having your own website or blog is important today.

Here’s what I think.

You need to have your own domain for sure, because what if the government decided to shut down Facebook or who knows what would happen and you lost everything just like that.

Owning your own domain is going to require you to get a hosting service, so you need that. From here you could go and hire a web designer, but we all know how expensive that could be. So instead, get and install it with your host’s one-click install, which in most cases they’ll have.

Final Thoughts

Finally, get a good looking design. Since in some cases we can’t afford the services of the professionals we’ll need to look for other options. I like WooThemes, themeforest, and DIYthemes since it’s what I use here, but I have used WooThemes and themeforest on my other mini-sites.

It’s your turn…

How Much Did it Cost You To Get Started? Leave your answer in the comments.

  • It didn’t cost me much money to launch my website, but it did cost me — and continues to cost me — an ENORMOUS amount of time. That’s time I’m NOT earning money doing other work. So by that metric, it’s cost thousands.

    • Very cool site by the way. I love anything to do with finances, actually I spent a lot of time reading Ramit Sethi blog I don’t know if you know about him. Anyway, I like your point. It’s really less about the money you pay, and more about how much time and effort you put into it. That’s the most expensive part.