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As I was working on one of my affiliate marketing projects, creativity was lacking this morning. Instead of searching on Google “ways to be creative” I decided to do some deep research on this topic.

All the time, I hear it; people saying…oh, if only I was as creative as you, or I would have never thought of something like that. Right? You’ve heard those people before, and that’s fine. I don’t expect everyone to be a genius or know about everything, but I do believe we all have the ability to do whatever we want.

So, anyway a few things that relate to the lifestyle design topic came across my screen. I found a post on spyrestudios, this was the title:

5 Reasons Travel Can Improve Your Design Work

These are the five reasons, but I still think you should read their post by clicking the link, if you want to get the points a lot better.

  1. You have more effective and focused work sessions
  2. You constantly get fresh inspiration
  3. You keep yourself easily motivated and excited
  4. You meet new designers and clients
  5. You keep your setup nice and clean

I’m sure there are more than five, but these five reasons made good sense to me. But, can going to new places, meeting new people and living a whole new lifestyle improve our creativity?According to that post, it does.

Here’s just one part that I found interesting:

“Rather, travel can indirectly improve your design work by improving yourself. When you become better/happier/more excited, your work becomes better as well. It’s like fuel for your brilliant work, and traveling constantly refuels you”

But that post wasn’t enough for me, so I kept looking for answers and I found the ideas of it, in action. I regularly visit just because I can never get enough of the brilliant minds that talk there, so here’s what I found.

Stefan is known all over the world for his design work for famous artist. But the cool thing about him is how he runs his business. Every seven years he takes a year long trip and closes his shop. He visits some new place and doesn’t take any work from his clients. I found the video quite interesting and funny too.

At one point he talks about how Google, 3M and other companies give their employees time off for personal use and how most of their creative work has come from employees own personal time creating what they want. example: 3M produced sticky notes, and Google created gmail out of employees free time, but don’t quote me on that.

So yea, it’s no surprise that Travel can create some amazing results and so can time off. If you use the time off to travel you might come up with new ideas and maybe the next Facebook or just that cool affiliate site that knocks people’s socks off and your competitors out of the water.

You say you can’t travel? Then join the travel hacking cartel and start earning free miles.

Have you been struggling with creativity lately? What other hacks do you know that get your creative juices going? Oh and for those who do travel, has travel inspired you in any way to produce anything? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jon

    Hey Wilson –
    Great face lift to your site, man. I like how the new look is coming along. Also, thanks for the resource:; I’ve never heard of it until now.

    To be honest the only thing I do to recharge my creativity is stop working. I step away and go to the gym or recharge my batteries by spending time with family. For some reason that’s all it takes for a new, nifty idea to come to mind for me to take action.

    • Thanks man, I’m glad you liked it. It’s getting there I am trying to learn html and css myself, so it’s a fun experience.

      Oh about yea man, most inspiring people you’ll ever learn from, I think I just respect how smart these people really are.

      That’s a good way to recharge, it’s good to disconnect sometimes and just think. Some of my best thoughts come to me while in the bathroom taking a shower or something…(that was sorta embarrassing, oh well) hahaha, thanks again for coming by.

  • Great post! Traveling definitely inspires you, it shows new opportunities and lifestyles you wouldn’t see at home.

    • Thanks I’m glad you liked it. that’s so true about showing you new lifestyles, I always think of how people in Colombia are so laid back and happy no matter how poor they are. Here in America we seem miserable about our jobs, money, and other crazy stuff nobody should care about.