Writing How Much You Want to Make Online and Having a Plan of Attack

If you want to make it online you’re going to need a plan, or you’re going to fail.

It took me some time to realize this, but I finally got hit in the head too many times one day…and I GOT IT! I now do exactly that. I write what I want, and make a plan of attack, broken down by month, week, and day; SHIT sometimes by hours. You see, I’m a big believer in The Secret and Think and Grow Rich philosophy, you know the whole ‘ask, believe, and receive,’ and I’ve learned to apply it to this whole ‘make money online’ thing. So in this post I am going to help you out, getting the figures together, and putting a plan into action.

How much money do I need? And how much do I really want?

Let’s be real okay, most of us want to be making a million bucks a day, but do we really need it? No… of course not, so why set your goals like that. First of all, they are so unrealistic; and second, they’re basically pointless, because think about it. Do you really need all that money to get everything that you dream about? Probably not!

Set a Goal

Here’s what I did and maybe you can try it too…

I first set a goal to make $1 a day from my projects online, then I increased that number to $10 once I reached the first goal and so on and so on, I kept increasing that goal by 10. I’m now on the journey to make $100 a day. I’ll be honest; it’s not easy to reach that goal but it’s reachable.

What I’ve decided to do is break that into small chunks, because I felt this was a better and faster way to reach that goal. Basically I’ve made this into a little game; it’s really like counting numbers. You see when we count numbers we don’t go; one.one thousand.one million. We do it in a certain order right? For example; one, two, three and so on…

What Should My Goal Be?

If you’re in some job that you [probably] don’t enjoy doing anymore, write down how much you make there, and make that amount your goal. This way you can quit that place once you reach your goal. After you’ve reached the amount you need, you can start making goals towards other things that you want. The whole point is to reach a point where you’re free to do whatever it is that you love doing.

Some of you might be happy with what you’re doing and you might just want enough to make that car payment or pay all your bills and that’s cool too. Not everyone hates their 9 to 5, but most do I think.

So what I’m really trying to get across here is the figures. You want to have a number! Someone told me this, or maybe I read it somewhere:

“I can’t tell you where to go, if you don’t know where you’re going.”

If you don’t know that number, or you don’t write it down somewhere where you see it every day. I know you won’t get there. Why am I so positive about this? I tried it, and I failed. Numbers matter! Okay Wilson I get it… I want to make $80 a day because that’s how much I make at my stinking J.O.B. WTF do I do now?

The Recipe

How do you bake a cake? How do you change a tire in a car? How do you drive a stick shift? Gear 1, to gear 4…then back to second? I don’t mean to exaggerate; I am just trying to make a silly point. For all these things you need tools or ingredients to get them done right? It’s the same thing make dollars online.

So let’s use my friend that wants to make $80 a day.

Goal: $80

How: Well, I’ve told him he can either do it through one of the following; PPC, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, Clickbank/affiliate products, Google AdSense, create and sell his own products.

Why: Because I want to quit my job or I want to have more freedom or I want to travel more etc…

So if you’re goal is $80 a day, how many products are you going to NEED to sell? How much traffic are you going to need every day to sell X amount of products? Where will you get that traffic from?

Once you know exactly what you need to do, you start seeing everything much clearer. Having a recipe is important I believe. Not only having one but also following the recipe to the T. Because remember what happens if you don’t bake that cake at the right temperature or add salt instead of sugar, and bake it for 10 minutes instead of the 40 minutes. Yea, you come out with a big pile of NOTHING.

Attack it!

There’s not much I can really say here. You’re either going to do it or you’re not. Like Johnny said on one of his latest post Choose to be outstanding” or choose to continue to suck.

I Don’t Know Anything about Earning Money Online

If this is your case I’ll recommend you to some of the people that will help you get started and get you on the fast track to achieving the goal you want.

Pat Flynn, Jonathan Volk, John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, Erica Douglass, Rosalind Gardner, Rae Hoffman, Yaro Starak, Zac Johnson, Chris Guthrie, Steve Pavlina, Tyrone Shum and there’s more people too, but these guys I follow and listen to for the most part.

They are all big names on the internet and I wouldn’t doubt they would want to help you succeed.

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