Two Key Marketing Concepts Every Freelancer Should Know

Before we really get busy with all those fun online marketing ideas, there’s a variety of key concepts that you should get familiar with first. This is the first of the series of posts of skills 2 money the freelancing guide.

If you were building a house, this concepts would be the foundation of the house or in other words what will keep it from falling down. They dictate how you make your decisions, assign your time, and conclude the success of your work.

Key Marketing Concept: How You Designate Your Time

When it comes to allocating financial budgets it can be an easy process to track in certain marketing activities. But time is a different ball park. It usually ends up being tougher for people to budget and optimize it.

And when you incorporate strategies like SEO or Social Media it can get a bit more difficult, since what you’re paying with is TIME. By the way, don’t be surprised if the results are not immediate.

At some moment in time you’ll start asking yourself, “is this really worth my time?” You can figure it out.

Understanding opportunity cost (more on this later) and return on investment is important too.

These are the tools that will help open up the time you budget for marketing. To get the data you need, you’ll need to discipline yourself to keep track of your own time, watching carefully the result from your work, and diverting tasks that may seem productive but aren’t (like chatting with your friends on Facebook).

Key Marketing Concept: Return On Investment aka ROI

ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

ROI essentially without all the jargon translates to “dollar-for-dollar”. In this case, the “investment” is the time and effort you put in. The “return” is the revenue it brings in.

The reason ROI is a valuable metric is, it can help you analyze every marketing task and know the dollar amount that resulted from the time and effort put in. In some cases, people like using percentage as a measure too.

When you setup the ROI across all your marketing tasks, you can begin making decisions about allocating more or less time and effort.


As you can see in this example, spending more time on social media is smarter due to the higher ROI.

You might also consider the value of your time to help assess how net profitable your time investment in marketing the business actually is.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What am I typically paid per hour?
  • How does this compare to the revenue I generate per hour via my marketing efforts?

Don’t forget this is the first of a series of articles. If you want to learn more about marketing for freelancers sign up below to get updates. In the next post we’ll talk about two more marketing concept every freelancer should know.

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Skills 2 Money: The Guide Every Freelancer Needs


photo credit Meyan Brenn

Most single freelancers face this very same problem–if you’re busy helping other clients, you’re very likely not spending time marketing your business.

This typically creates a lifestyle that no freelancer likes.

Look for new projects, then work your ASS off, then hunt around again, and this cycle repeats over and over again.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that this isn’t a sustainable way to run a freelance business.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

What I’m about to talk about in the coming weeks are some of the best online marketing strategies advisers have giving me to help you create a steady stream of new prospects and keep your already customers coming back for more work.

What to expect to learn in the following weeks

  • Attracting more targeted prospects to your site
  • Turning more site visitors into paying customers
  • Creating a big and responsive list of leads, and keeping them engaged in your offers/services.
  • Advice about where to spend your time and marketing budget
  • Frequently test and optimize your online marketing campaign to create superb results.
  • How to get paid as a freelancer
  • How to market yourself as a freelancer

The strategies are going to be easily applicable for freelancers because the financial investment will be small.

But keep in mind that there will be a significant time investment, and these posts will help you make smarter decisions of where to spend your valuable time.

I have only two goals in the following weeks. First to help freelancers create different ways for people to find your service and engage with you. Second is to turn these people into paying customers.

You’ll find that these posts will talk about these goals with a collection of strategies–some tried and true, and some new.

Best part to all this–with good attention, it can all become real beside the tough work you’re already doing servicing current customers.

So now it’s time to make a commitment to stop living the “hunt-work-hunt” lifestyle.

You’ll have to make changes to how you work to accomodate some planning, continuing tests and tweaks, and a long-term path to optimizing your presence on the web and building relationships through a variety of online channels.

These tactics are the blueprint to finding the correct mix online marketing for freelancers.

As for now you can get started with two key marketing concepts every freelancer should know.

Email=Real Customers=Money.Knucklehead

I can probably find a GAZILLION posts about setting up an email marketing campaign and it’s importance. Do you really know the meaning of having one?

Tell me the truth, does your business or blog have an email opt-in box? Why not?

It took me about a year to get one set up myself on this blog, but I was not worried about it. After all what’s the point of having one if your not offering anything in exchange you know?

Well now I know that my blog is my business, and if you yourself running a business, email is the best way to keep in contact with your customers and prospects.

If you didn’t know, there’s an estimated 2.9 billion email users out there. If your a business just starting out, with a low-budget than, it matters to have that email box on your website. It’s the cheapest route.

Seriously what are you waiting for? You see my email opt-in, okay, put your name and email address then submit it. Now you can start getting good stuff in the inside from me. Don’t worry I don’t spam. I value too much.

By now, you’re probably thinking okay, what am I waiting for? I should go to my website and start working on that.

First of all, yea you should do that.

But wait Wilson, you haven’t really said anything about the HOW-TO. I agree with you. I haven’t I leave that to the experts. I know it matters now. And I know there’s a specific location where you can add email opt-in boxes to increase your leads, but I don’t claim to be the expert on the HOW-TO.

I could go ahead and write about it, but I’d rather give credit to those who know more about it than me. The following are some of the resources I think will benefit you the most if you’re serious about building that list.

Lately Derek Halpern has been really kicking some as at it, he has a nice guide called building an email list 101. I’ve been reading pretty much everything Derek writes and I know his shiznit is the real shitnitz, if you know what I mean. All kidding aside I trust him.

As a matter of fact, he just did a video about converting strategies on one of my other favorite bloggers Corbett Barr. Go and check this video now, or when you get some free time. It’s worth million bucks in value I believe. I’ve seen some guides that charged for info like that. But I guess that’s why Derek and Corbett are different than your typical online marketer.

Finally, I don’t know when did I find this website, but I’m glad I did. They offered some great Free Reports that helped me with my mini-sites. I believe you should definitely read Conversion secrets of a million-dollar landing page here.

Hey by the way don’t forget to put your name and email address to stay updated, really big stuff I’m working on and I think you’ll find it extremely valuable if you want to succeed with your online journey.

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Getting back to what I love doing…Yea!

Beer. Women. and more Women and more beer. (I might have been drunk when I wrote this beware)

Okay, I’m messing with all you. But you’re probably wondering what is that, that I love so much. Simple, I won’t keep you hanging anymore, it’s online marketing and these cool idea on how to transform whatever you build into something that allow you to put bread on your table.

Yea, I know you love it too. For the last few months while I was working on self teaching me how to code, I was so depressed not being able to understand all the mumbo jumbo, and being away from the online business community that I had to say NO MORE!

Behind the scenes I’ve been watching more people getting bigger and bigger every day, which makes me happy to see. But I’ve also been thinking about cool stuff to write about and share with my community. This post is just my I’m back post and we’ll see what the future bring to my blog.

All I want to really focus on from this moment on is working on mini-sites and marketing tips to really help out more people like you and me make more money and have fun while at it.

If the 25 of you that stuck around waiting for me to come back have something to ask be my guest and leave me a comment or send me an email on what you want me to write about. I’ve already have over 100+ post ideas that I’m going to be putting a lot of time into, so don’t expect me to write about them ASAP, but do please send them to me. If I can write them fast and the question is good, I’ll put away that other content and focus on your question.

As for now, I gotta go work on my business.

Learning to Program – How to Become an Expert at Anything

I’m learning Ruby, some of you are probably thinking WTF is Ruby? Okay I’m not going to bored you with the details of it, but it’s a programming language. The reason I’ve been gone from the blog is because I’ve made it a goal to study and practice programming any second I can.

Okay, so why all of the sudden all this passion for programming now, and why should I even give a shiznitz? This post is not about me but what I learned in this keynote by Obie Fernandez. Where he spoke about application development, Ruby on Rails, and how to become an expert. Now it’s not because I watched the video that I want to become a programmer but why I want to put in my 10,000 hours and become and expert.

I’m also reading this pdf. of research that was done by K. Anders Ericsson, Michael J. Prietula, and Edward T. Cokely that shows that outstanding performance is the product of years of deliberate practice and coaching, not of any innate talent. I am so glad I found this paper called The Making of an Expert, because it proves something that so many people argue about and that really anything is possible if we put enough effort into it.

Now if you’re worried if I’m done with the blog, absolutely not. I still enjoy blogging, but I will be putting less time into it. Whenever I make a post which will be once a week if I can, it will be long, useful, and hopefully entertaining.

I guess I’ll go now and practice more Ruby…