Everyone Doesn’t Want to be an Internet Marketer?


So I had to write this. I’m a little frustrated and I might just call out some people I don’t even know, but who cares? This is my blog and I’d rather be straight up with all of you anyway.

A few days ago Corbett Barr inspired me to write about this because of his post:

When Did Social Media Forget About Everyone Else?

Go read it, it might inspire you too. After reading it, it made me think of all the wanna-be-internet-marketers out there and bloggers. I am not frustrated with them, but with the people that are teaching them all this B.S and they’re going out there and doing it.

Now you might think, why do you even care about people like this kid?

I mean… congratulations for going out there and trying to make a buck online, but you would think they’d have the common sense to think, “Wait, is this ethical what I am doing? Shit, I don’t even know what I’m doing; why am I teaching and promising all this fake shit?”

Who’s with me on this?

I mean seriously, do you think people trust these poor guys that sound like they’re reading some script? A shitty Internet marketer told them “do this and you’ll make money online.”

The worst part of all is that you can see that they’re not getting leads. If you look at their traffic, “if you know how to do that,” you’ll find that they’re not getting crap. And I’m no guru, but I know that you need traffic to build a business online.

Oh, and as if you didn’t notice how well put these websites are. Yea it’s sad. Hey my site is not that great I know, but at least when you come here you don’t think, “Just another WordPress blog.”

note: If either of you guys that I’m talking about in this post find this post, understand I am not hating on you but on whoever taught you what you’re doing.

Okay so you’ve noticed that I kind of went on a rant there. So you’re probably thinking, so if this is the wrong way to do Internet marketing, what’s the right way?

Well, I’ve learned that there’re “two rules” to this:

  • Don’t promote “make money online, opportunity, get-rich-quick” products
  • Don’t forget the first rule

Corbett makes a great point on that post where he says “not everyone wants to be a social media consultant.” In my case what I’m trying to say here is not everyone is trying to be an Internet marketer.

I really wish I could help these guys so they could focus all their efforts on something more productive. I know that both of them will eventually fail and say how affiliate marketing or IM whichever one they tried, was horrible and it was a scam.

For those of us that actually do make money through providing value to readers and focus only on promoting products that are worth it, know that’s how the story goes for people like them.

Who can I Trust Online

Believe it or not now there’re plenty of people you can trust, but the ratio of scam vs. legit advice is still high. Some of the people that have helped me on my success and who I truly respect are these guys:


Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com


Glen Allsopp from viperchill.com



Corbett Barr from corbettbarr.com and thinktraffic.net

Although these guys talk about making money online, and blogging, but REAL shit that works, their goal is not to convince you to do the same thing they’re doing, but to use the tactics and strategies they’re using with your business. (which hopefully is not about making money online).

Conclusion of all my blabberness

I know that’s not even a word

If you’re imitating the tactics from those I’m criticizing , you’re doing the wrong thing. Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe you don’t mean to be a scammy Internet marketer, but you need to stop if you really want to start producing results online and really adding value to the web.

I’m 100% sure if you’re able to go and do something that really combines with your core values, you’ll be more successful. (I can’t guarantee that building a site around cat juggling will work either )

If you and I are on the same page, we’ll make good friends, so if you want to keep up with the site just subscribe for updates. I can guarantee you I won’t fill your mind with B.S. Oh and I’m on twitter too.

4 Ways to Light a Fire Under Your Blogging Butt

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”  ~Japanese Proverb

In 2010, I began blogging at wilsonusman.com with no set goals in mind. If you look back at the posts from the beginning, they are not pieces to be proud of. But what really mattered was that I was excited about having a blog and the ability to connect with like-minded people.

But obviously, like happens to most of us, all the fire I had at first started to burn off. Eventually I started realizing that what I was writing about was rehash stuff other well known bloggers had talked about, with more specifics. I didn’t have the authority to be talking about how to do this and do that; at least in those day I didn’t.

Quickly I learned that earning money blogging wan’t going to be that easy either. I believed that within months I’d have more than my sister and girlfriend reading my blog posts.

It wasn’t until I realized later that the main issue started way before I began blogging here (keep reading). Many times, thoughts crossed my mind about “Stop blogging and just focus on the niche-sites,” but that quote kept me going.

You might think that the lack of income from the blog was what caused me to lose that fire that was burning, but actually it wasn’t.

If you’ve lost the motivation for blogging that you had the first day you put up the shittiest blog post with the best excitiment in the world, I’m going to show you what helped me. These aren’t new ideas, they’re just ideas worth sharing with you, and since Dan Pink is one of my favorite authors I figured why not.

After reading his book. Drive, I’ve learned the science of what motivates you and me. I think I’ve watched this video more than 20 times, it’s that good.

Keep Doing and Learning New Things

The one thing I love about blogging is exactly this, you’re always learning something new, sometimes–too much. When you’re new, you need to learn to buy your domain name, get hosting, and later install your CMS/WordPress. And yea get a theme, install plugins, and on and on…but the more we practice each part it become a piece of cake for some of us.

These challenges at first are what keeps us going at first. It’s what kept me interested and up until midnight figuring out how to do it.

What milestones have you set lately for your blog?

  • How many guest posts have you written?
  • Did you connect with any people on Facebook or Twitter today? (I mean REALLY had a conversation!)
  • How many hours, days, weeks did you put into that last post?
  • Example: Are you working on that eBook you promised? (This one is my own)

Put a challenge on your blog, or set an hour to write a long list of challenges that you can make for the month of February.

Find Your Audience and Connect with them

The way that Dan Pink made me understand this is, we humans like to belong to something. It’s actually one of the strongest desires of us, humans. Why do you think Facebook, Twitter and all those social networking sites have become so successful?

We spend millions on xbox live memberships and we go to sports events because it’s what we desire.

I’m aware that I don’t get a huge amount of comments or get mentioned around the web like other successful well know bloggers yet, but I keep up with people with similar interest on my community, you can too. Use Twitter or send someone you think you share similar opinions an email and make a friend.

If you just wait for them to contact you and say hi, you’ll be waiting all your life. By staying in contact with these folks you can begin conversations that inspire you to go and write an awesome post. I see all the time bloggers saying things like “wow, awesome chat with X gonna write a post on this”

Don’t set Huge Goals

Don’t believe me? Set a goal to make a million bucks in the next month, okay I’ll be fair, how about in the next year? If you’re like me, you would not know where the heck to even start right? Let me ask you this…what number comes before 2? Got it yet? Okay it’s 1.

My point is you need to focus on the main things first. How about if I said make a goal of making an extra $5 online by next month. I bet you could figure that out. You just go to eBay and sell an air guitar. Okay that’s too easy, don’t set goals too small.

You hear of people making six-figures with a click of a button with their huge list of subscribers. It very easy to get discouraged when you set similar goals and shit doesn’t happen. Don’t make this mistake.

Check out how you may change your behaviors to achieve what  you want by clicking behavior wizard.

Find the Barriers and Pebbles in Your Way

So none of the latter are your problem? This is last tip that could light up a fire under your arse so big, you’ll have third degree burns on your arse. (Warning:don’t try this at home)

Somewhere I once read that to stop a problem you need to get to the bottom of it. This might not be the easiest tip to apply because you can easily misjudge the real reason of why you might not be as motivated. But you don’t lose nothing by testing out reason why the problem might be.

At first, I thought the reasons for losing the motivation was the lack of money coming in, but the reality was that I wasn’t being part of the community and I wasn’t challenging myself.

Typical problems I had as a blogger:

  • Writer’s block
  • Experience in topic
  • The time they put into their work
  • How much money they’re making vs. time spent (ROI)

If you find the problem you then can develop a solution. There’s a solution for everything.

Say you don’t have many friends on twitter. Okay simple, just go ahead and @reply some people on twitter that are in your same niche. I don’t know, ask them a question, ask for help, or just say hi and complement them on their site; be genuine though.

Until you’re sure that there’s not the solution to get a fire under your butt the size of a California fire burning again to get your blog back to those first days, don’t give up. If there’s nothing you believe that can be done, it’s time to move on to better, bigger things.

52 Places that Made me Become Location Independent

Before I found out about lifestyle design, location independence, digital nomad lifestyle or whatever you want to call it, I wanted to work from anywhere and live anywhere. Traveling has always been on my blood. My dad used to travel all year long when I was young and we never lived for more than 2 years in one location.

I haven’t had the opportunity to get on a plane or take a trip longer than a four hour drive in five years. Looking over some pictures on flickr inspired me to start thinking about travel again. They might inspire you too.

I borrowed most of these pictures from flickr; I found some great artists. It’s unbelievable what people can do with a little $1,000 camera.

Because of all these images these artist took, I’m inspired to discover new places in the next 10 years. Take a peek, maybe they’ll make you want to work from anywhere in the world and mix things up a little in your life.

Turkey- Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia at dawn by Oberazzi


Destination Marrakesh – Morocco by patrickmayon


sydney by EmBe79


South Africa, Cape Town Sunset by Mediatejack


Postcard from Madagascar Alex 77


Dining Area – Sabi Sabi South Africa by Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve


Africa 1987.1 by anoldent


State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia by ∙Andrew∙


otranto, italy by paolo margari


the colosseum by forthrock


La Tomatina (25.08.2010) / Spain, Buñol by flydime


Monaco Oceanarium by neilalderney123


Sanctuary of Santa Luzia – Portugal by caese


The Parthenon, Athens by Christopher Chan


Castelu Peles, Sinaia, Romania by Chodaboy


Approaching London by Stuck in customs


Sunrise over Farm – HDR by Etrusia UK


Stockholm Cathedral by linkahwai


10 seconds late by ‘PixelPlacebo’


National Museum in Prague by theodevil

Austria-St. Gallenkirch

Austria – St. Gallenkirch / Silvretta Montafon (Silvretta Nova) by vtveen


Lago Pehoe y Los Cuernos by twiga269

Buenos Aires-Argentina

Buenos Aires by Gustavo Brazalle


Salto de la mano by coba


Rio de Janeiro/RJ (Pão de Açucar) by dih =)


Machu Picchu, Peru by szeke


Plaza San Francisco by Kevin Lebianco


Cabalgata – 52 Feria de Cali 2009 by corfecali


(un) stress by HRC


The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto by stuck in customs


Geeks On A Plane resident Tai Chi & Kung Fu master on great wall of China by kk+


Dessert Fun by Moe M


Bali : Sanur Beach Painter : by zoompick


Indian House Boat by Dido


krabi by matt caplin


Langkawi Sky Bridge by Jim Boud


Aurora Borealis – Bear Lake, Alaska by Trodel


Swanky Beach Bar by CasadeQueso


Downtown Dallas from the Flower Market by Stuck in Customs


New York New York in Las Vegas by werkunz


The Blue Yonder by .craig


My Kind Town by Stuck in Customs


Music City by thomashawk


solace by katiew


Presidents North Carolina Gave the Nation – Union Square in Raleigh, NC by joanna8555


A 1400 year old Angel by reellady


Oak Alley Plantation by Gaensler


waves by papalars


Atardecer en el Horseshoebend, Horseshoebend sunset by Vvillamon

New England

Newport Bridge by rawhead


Textbreak by moriza

San Francisco-California

San Francisco – Cable Car HDR by Maschinenraum

So, did you like them? I’m currently discovering ways to work from my home office and sharing it with others, so you can also make the switch to a location independent life too, if that’s what you want. Most of the information you’ll find here will be related to lifestyle design, digital nomads, location independence, and ways to build your online business so you can live the life you dream.

Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated, and learn a little more about me.

Any images you’d like to share, that inspired you to travel? Share them on the comments, just be relevant and post legit links, pretend this is your home. How would you treat it?


25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (and a little bit About Finding Your Voice)


like always thinking


“Honesty is the best policy”–said Benjamin Franklin, and I really dig that.      

Over the past year, I’ve read too many blog posts, too many magazines and listened to too many podcasts. A lot of them are in the online marketing, self-development, or blogging markets. Almost everywhere I read, there’s something or someone talking about your “voice”.      

It basically means the way people see you through the words you write.      

Have you found yours? It’s a struggle I know. I just basically try to type whatever it is I want to write about as if I was talking to you person to person. Even though I haven’t giving it much of a thought, “finding your voice” is extremely important, because it’s the way readers see you.      

It’s your personality through your voice/words.      

Sometimes I really feel that my true persona isn’t totally coming out. Or that sometimes I’m just a monotone boring ass person that nobody wants to listen to. I’ve trashed posts of over 1000 words when I proof read them and fall asleep in the process.      

If you’re a blogger, you know the feeling. C’mon, c’mon don’t act like you don’t know. It’s no secret that a lot of writers struggle with this. Why do you think there are so many books on this “find your voice” shit.      

So how do you start finding that so called voice of yours and putting it into words? How do you write funny, passionate, or goofy? Do you know? Because I have no idea. Just playing with ya! This is just a few things I read that might help you:      

I know I’m not a professional writer, or author. I didn’t go to college for it or anything. But that didn’t stop me from researching and learning the skills to get better at it. I’m a true believe in skill versus talent. You can pretty much learn anything if you want to learn it really bad. No one is born with a pen and notebook in their hands.      

A small word of advice is to not worry what people will think about your writing; some will like you, others will not. That’s fine, you don’t have to satisfy everyone. As long as you keep the half that likes you happy, you’re good.      

Anyhow, the start of this post wasn’t meant to be about explaining how to find your voice, it was really a post about me telling you about me. Who I am, so that hopefully it can help us connect much better. And so I can weed out those who don’t care.      

25 things about me you might or might not want to know about me

1. If you ask anyone I know to tell you how I am, they’ll say I’m too blunt, sometimes funny, and too serious also. Oh, and I forgot…extremely sarcastic. I know it’s not the best of personality traits but it’s just the way I am.      

2. I’m a worker. I can stay up all night on a project, until I’m done. I wake up every morning between 6 or 7 a.m., and I don’t go to bed until midnight or even a little later if I have to.      

3. I read a ton of blogs; some of my favorites are smart passive income, i will teach you to be rich, heroic destiny, viperchill, derek siver, corbett barr, zen habits, man vs debt, passive panda, quick sprout, seomoz, and another 100+. Sorry if I didn’t mention you here.      

4. Oh of course books too, I really enjoy reading in the bathroom. That’s embarrassing but hey, I’m trying to be as honest as possible guys. I read about one or two business books each month (currently reading: Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive ) Yup, I’m gonna brainwash all of you, be aware. Just joking, calm down will ya?      

5. I hate talking to negative people. Back in the corporate world, I bet you think you have many friends. How could you, if all they talked about was about the stupid lady that didn’t buy a vacuum from them. I kept to myself and tried to keep my team with a clear mind.      

6. I’m very impatient; if I’m working on something, I like to see results yesterday, but I’m working on it. It takes a lot of work, but it’s one of my goals in 2011. Be more patient and teach one other person the same. I guess if I can teach someone that would prove that I achieved my goal.      

7. I’m afraid. Aren’t we all? I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid things aren’t going to work out. I’m afraid of gaining weight. Used to be afraid of spiders, thanks to my mom.      

8. I live in the little town of Sylvania, OH. It’s not bad but I don’t know how we ended up here after living in Miami, New York, Seattle, LA, and Colombia. I’ve learned a ton here though and wouldn’t wanna change it either.      

9. I have an amazing girlfriend and she’s an awesome photographer in the making. That’s why I don’t mind ending up in Ohio.      

10. I really suck at politics, but I want to learn more and hopefully get involved in voting some time.      

11. Cars are one of my passions. Since I was little I’ve collected die cast versions of exotic cars. I hope to buy me a Porsche 911 turbo or Ferrari 430 scuderia one day. I will! But for now I’ll stick to my mazda6.      

12. I’ve been thinking about going back to college to get a degree, but I’m still undecided. I just want to be an example to my kids and there is still only one person in my family to ever go to college.      

13. I use to be a gambler, sorry mom if you ever read this. She hates me for it, but I haven’t stepped into a casino in years. Thank God!…But I still love poker.      

14. I watch a movie almost every other night. Hey it’s better than fucking TV or the news. The social network was pretty good, and my favorite movie probably is….anything with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, or Megan Fox. Brittani is going to hate me for saying that.      

15. You probably will never see the videos but my first try at doing Internet marketing was selling this stupid mlm, cash gifting program. Yea, fucked up part was the guy teaching me this shit was suppose to be my friend. I won’t name him, he’s still scamming people, that’s his problem.      

16. I’m 25 now, “damn life comes at you fast!” I’ve had ups and downs, I almost ended up living in my car, but life is good now.      

17. I could work on doing more than just 40 push-ups a day and the kettle ball exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday.      

18. I’m a clean freak, if I see anything that’s not in its spot, I get pissed and take it out on somebody else. I like to be clean, what can I say.      

19. I’m Colombian, but not really. Meaning I wasn’t born there but my parents were. I don’t sell drugs and have not been around any marijuana or coke fields. Why does everyone think we live in between weed plants or coke fields?      

20. I almost never drink more than a beer, but if I get drunk, I almost never remember what happened the night before.      

21. Working as a door-to-door salesman was the worst and best experience. Why, well you learn to be self-motivated, public speaking, get a ton of sales experience–they have some of the sickest tactics, and you learn to sell anything after that.      

22. When I move to Costa Rica, I want to start a small business near the beach, outsource everything and lend all the earnings to kiva people.      

23. I dropped out of college, my young dumb-ass thought I would be selling vacuums for the rest of my life. How naive I was, or should I repeat–DUMB!      

24. I almost died of leukemia when I was 2. I almost got my leg chopped off because of a staff infection in my knee. (I think it was from selling vacuums door to door).      

25. I used to be shy before I started selling door to door. Now I can talk to any random person in a gas station or on a line to buy groceries.      

Hey, thanks for reading this post. I know it was longer than my typical posts. But if you think we connected in any of those twenty something points, subscribe to the blog, send me a message, or let’s be friends on twitter or facebook. If you didn’t like any of the latter, still thank you. Hope it didn’t waste your time.      

Thanks to Corbett Barr for inspiring this post and those three resources I mentioned up-top.      

Travel Hacking: Earn Frequent Flyer Miles, Become a Travel Ninja or Just Fly for Free

travel hacking cartel reviewHey everyone, if you didn’t get the memo yet today was the launch of the Travel Hacking Cartel by Chris Guillebeau.

note: If you’re serious about learning how to get free flights, first class upgrades and stay in hotels for free this is a good time to hop on and get a 14 day trial for only $1. Yup, that’s a buck to get a test drive.

About two years ago me and my girlfriend started looking for ways to search for ways to travel the world that would make it affordable to us.

We started with a plan of visiting Italy, India, Indonesia and Costa Rica, all beautiful places. We obviously knew it was expensive to get away to anywhere in the world from the U.S.

To say the least, after doing some research we weren’t to happy with the figures that we came up with adding all the flights, hotels, food, and miscellaneous expenses. We were disappointed and thought, man this sucks! How are we going to do it?

At that time I was working a normal corporate job making the average income, and covering all the expenses at home and while traveling, we knew we wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

My biggest problem was that I didn’t know where to look for or what to do to be able to make my travel goals come alive.

All this was before I knew anything about Travel Hacking.

The first time I got introduced to that word was when I read the 4 four hour week blog. Tim Ferriss talks about it there and on the book. I was so excited when I was learning that you could go on a round the world trip for pennies-on-the-dollar.

That’s when I got the hope that we we’re gonna be able to follow the dream that’s never left us.

Different people around the web have figured out ways to travel far far away around the globe for less then a price of one ticket.

Travel Hacking has been around now for a while, there’s even a book on it. (highly recommended) But now there’s a better thing than the book, The Cartel

Welcome to the Travel Hacking Cartel

Chris has come out with the ultimate membership-based community for people into free and discounted travel. He’s learned ways to get free travel that a lot of us are unaware of, letting him earn over 1,000,000 miles per year.

He’s really the poster child for Travel Hacking and I don’t think I know anyone else with quiet the knowledge on this niche besides him.

I just became a member this afternoon and I plan on working towards free travel for me and brit to Italy. After you join you’re gonna see that most of the points you earn will be while being home. And he’s made it super simple to get updates by email or text about deals. love this!

The World’s Craziest Guarantee

You see a lot of programs offer your typical 30-day money back guarantee right? Not this time, I think Chris has gone nuts or something, or maybe he’s just extremely confident on the membership and I am too.

He’s says: “Follow our Deal Alerts and spend at least 30 minutes a month working the system, and you’ll earn enough Frequent Flyer miles for one free plane ticket every quarter (25,000 miles), or four a year (100,000 miles).”

How the Cartel Works?

It’s really simple, you’ll get to jump online login into the membership and look for updates on ways to get deals or you can set it up to get email or text messages when something comes out immediately.

He basically gives you what you need to know to go take advantage of the opportunities when they break. Oh and a little tip, if you refer-a-hacker you get free travel rewards too.

As I’ve mentioned, just about a few hours ago the Travel Hacking Cartel opened up. There’s only 1000 seats waiting to be filled it it’s not to late already. It’s only a buck for the 14 day trial, and after it’s filled it’s only going to be through referral.

Get your spot in the Travel Hacking Cartel while there’s availability and begin hacking your way around the world today.