Copywriting and One Tip you Need to Master

Today I asked myself this question, because I wasn’t really sure of this. After an hour of brainstorming this simple question, which was a simple “no I do not”, I went on a search for information on the web to help me become a better Internet marketer and copywriter.

If you remember last week I wrote a post about how Internet marketing can be learned, this week I want to talk about something I’ve discovered we all need to get better at if we want to get people to take action on our blogs, and affiliate sites. Copywriting is probably the one thing that people say are more important factors than relationships, for really good web marketing. It’s really awesome to see how some people can make us do things with words; it’s really an art and a science at the same time.

The Headline—breaking  copywriting down as I understand it

How does it attract readers, or does it even do that? The only chance you get is at that first 60 or so characters to catch your readers attention. Fail and you’re done; they’re gone to the next tweet, post, or blog.

“If a headline was an employee her job would be to get people to read the copy”

In the case of us Internet Marketers, Bloggers, Affiliates, we want more people to tweet, buy, and share our stuff around the web. Are all the headlines we write going to be master pieces, probably not. I was wrong at first when I didn’t know anything about the web, I thought the headline was supposed to sell, or give some huge promise every time. But I’ve learned that’s okay sometimes, when you think it’s cool if it gets people to read the first paragraph of copy or at least the first line. When they get there the headline is FREE of responsibility if the reader doesn’t keep reading.

Don’t beat yourself up if the headline doesn’t work sometimes, those failures will help you learn to tweak your headlines and make them even better the next time.

The reason good headlines matter

Before your content there’s something people will see more than anything; your headline. They’ll see it everywhere, your blog, Google, emails, or any vehicle you’re using to spread your message. It’s not the end of copywriting training, just learning to write great action takers, but it’s a skill that will make you better than 90% of marketers out there.

As I mentioned earlier, the headline is not the only one with a job here. After the headlines come the first sentence, first paragraph, sub-headlines and the rest of our copy. Most people skin through content and sub-headlines give a nice idea to people what happens in between, and also gives them a break from that long 1000 word articles. Have you ever noticed how fast you read that book with short chapters? Sub-headlines work almost the same way.

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How to Make More Customers Happy and Get More Attention

Do you ever ask yourself if your customers are happy? Why do they shop with you? Or wonder why do they thank you?

Maybe it’s my advertising strategy or maybe they like me, no… I know they like my blog design and many questions run through your brain. Let me just say that none of those really matter. Unless any of those things you thought made them happy customers, was changing their lives in some way.

Here’s the thing, there is a new way that you can market your business with content. The only problem is that people get a little too overwhelmed and give up too quickly when doing it, because you can do it a million ways. You can to get more prospects and convert them into paying customers just by using your content, how to keep them Feliz (Happy) is something you must do to keep them coming back.

In this part I’m going to explain the method/strategy you can use to get massive attention from your market and help you find more customers or maybe they find you.

You get the same results as the effort you put into it

Have you ever heard of those marketers that tell you to buy those auto-article-creators and market it on your sites? Yea it might save you a lot of time, but how happy you think customers are to read something made by a computer?

The best way I can explain it:

Not happy at all. “You get the same results as the effort you put into it”

What’s the point of doing what your adversaries are doing? How can you be original? YOU CAN’T. Besides, the search engines (Google) are getting too smart for this anyway. My suggestion is that if you still feel you don’t have the chops to put up some killer content, hire someone to do it. There’s plenty of talent out there, and that’s fine because you might have other skills.

Keep giving, you never know when they’ll take

That’s the beauty of using content to market.

Prospects will always be there and more keep coming out of nowhere. You’ll have more than one chance to get them to buy from you. As long as you keep giving them what they want, you’ll see their smiles from ear to ear.

Use content to build a relationship with your prospects, and grow some trust. If you keep giving them a reason/benefit to do business with you, they will eventually. (How many times have you been to the store before you bought what you always want to buy?)

The point is to keep giving, keep giving, and keep giving. What do you give you might ask? What they want wrapped up with VALUE. They’ll buy from you when the moment is right.

Separate the buyers from the liars

Write good content, content is king, good content sells. All that advice is fine and dandy, but does it mean business? If I had a dollar for every post written, I would be a zillionaire.

Of course I know that you’re smarter than I was when I first started. Someone once told me, “People fail, systems don’t.” Although I don’t agree 100%, I still believe half of it. That’s why I do believe you need to create a marketing system for your content.

And that’s something we can discuss for now. How do you create a good system that makes your customers comfortable to do business with you? What have you tried before or what is currently working for you. And more importantly are your customers happy with you?

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Internet Marketing Anyone Can Learn it

Don’t worry, I’m not about to give you that “get-rich-quick” scheme like the “gurus” are doing. I don’t like the hype and I bet you don’t either.

I’d like to be as real as I can, because that’s what you want and it’s what I like doing. If social media is what you’re into, you actually have a little advantage over most people that are out there trying to learn to market on the web.

You’re not just looking for that “magic bullet,” and you’re definitely not looking to build a business in 24 hours, with a click of a button, without having to learn a single thing about your business. Let’s just say that you don’t believe in “get-rich-quick” schemes that have solutions to your issues, am I right?

You basically just want the real deal; you want the hardcore good guide on Internet marketing that really works.

That’s great because that’s exactly what I’m about to share here. And like the title says “You don’t have to be Bill Gates to get it”

The Little Secret of Internet Marketing

How many times have you heard the gurus say “content is king”, content is king…and content is king? Probably too many times, and it is, but the king also needs a queen, a prince or princess, his soldiers, a horse, a castle and a village. What I’m trying to say is that he’s not really the king. In Internet marketing I’ve recently learned that what matters more than content is building relationships.

That’s right, but how do you know that’s the secret to Internet marketing success? Because people like Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, and even Chris Brogan can’t be wrong. Okay, they can but I trust them and you should too. It makes sense that building relationships is king. Here’s why:

You ride on a two way street

If you’re afraid of selling to your group, band, soldiers, or as I like to call them rebels then it’s not a relationship. It’s always a good to remind yourself that your blog, site or whatever you call it is a business, so you need to treat it like one. As long as the value you’re giving to your prospects is higher than what they’re paying for, it’s fair.

You need to let them know from the beginning that you plan on selling or promoting products, but don’t forget to give back to that relationship.

The Community is an Asset

The people on your list, your blog, your business all of them are the biggest asset we have. They help guide you in your decisions, because any decision you make has an impact on them. It’s extremely important to always ask yourself…

is this in my group’s best interest? How is this going to benefit them? Am I just doing this for the money?

Treat them right

You rub my back I rub your back kind of right. Of course most of the time they’ll want their backs rubbed more than once. But that’s okay. As long as they stay loyal to us, we should be happy. From this relationship your business can grow through referrals, as you might already know, “word-of-mouth” is the best marketing in the world—plus it’s free.

The “money’s in the list” is cliché, so what

You grab a ton of prospects and put them on a list that has the same interest in a certain topic; you’ll be able to print money from products that you promote to them. Does that sound like an evil plan? It’s not if you’re providing that list with things that they already want to buy. That’s how you make a living on the web.

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20 Misused Words and What They Really Mean

A friend tried using a word the other day thinking it meant something else. He misused the word that day and it made me think, wow, I wonder how many words have I misused on my blog? And how many bloggers have commonly misused words on their blogs?

I’ve learned that this can be disrespectful sometimes to break the rules of grammar online, but it’s not cool if you’re not keeping your readers’ attention. Again that’s the whole point of having a blog—you want your readers to read your articles.

After doing a thorough research I found more than a few commonly misused words. Be sure to check your blog posts to make sure it’s not costing you the attention of your visitors. You’ll find some of these misused words interesting.


Accept means to agree with. Except means apart from.


Adage is used with the word old. An adage is a short, yet memorable, saying that holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people, or has gained its credibility through its long use.


You’ve probably seen this lot of times and not even noticed it. Complementary mean something that goes together, like someone or something go well together. Complimentary means something nice you say to another person, or an extra gift you give someone.


Disassemble means to take something apart. Dissemble means “to tell lies or liar”.


e.g means “for example”. i.e means that is.


Cars with big horse power go fast, e.g Ferraris’.

Charly’s The Dancer is named after it’s protagonist, i.e, Charles Miguel.


Hang means to hang someone or something in the present, one uses the same form.


Hopefully grrr…I know I’m guilty of using this word incorrectly so many times. It means how something is done or how someone feels.


Correct: We don’t have dip to go with the chips? Hopefully, Miguel is getting dip on his way back.

Incorrect: Hopefully, it won’t rain. Because nobody is going to think that the weather is hopeful.


It’s means a contraction that you can use instead of it is or it has. Its means “belonging to”.


In lamens terms it means exactly what you’re saying is not metaphorical or figurative.

“You’re literally getting it for free”

Probably not, if you still have to pay something. (Something salesman-like to say when they’re reimbursing the customer with gifts or mail-in rebates)

Principal / Principle

Principal means the first when used as a noun; but it means of most importance if used as an adjective. Principle means a fundamental truth when noun, a law, or some kind of rule of some sort.


Won’t is just a contraction for “will not”.  Wont means accustomed or inclined to if an adjective. If used as a noun it means “habit of custom”.


  • He took a job in the morning, as was his wont.
  • He won’t let her do her homework.


Jeez these two words always sound the same to me and my girlfriend aka the editor always corrects me. They don’t mean the same thing. You’re is the contraction to “you are”, and your means “belonging to you”. Best way to correct it is to reread the sentence and see if it can be expanded correctly to you’re or shorten to your.

You could share your own words that you misuse sometimes, don’t be ashamed, if you’re foreign like me you know you probably do. But it’s fine that’s why we’re here—to learn. I would hope that you guys will let me know when I write something that doesn’t make sense to you.

P.S. If you ever read a blog post and you’re not sure it means what you think it means, email me, throw some tomatoes at me or just boo me, that’s the only way I’m going to get better at writing.

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Affiliate Skin Review: Glen Allsopp’s Mini Site Software Tool

Affiliate Skin is Glen’s new software to help us build better and faster niche and mini sites. If you’re not familiar with Glen Allsopp, he runs an awesome site ( and he offers excellent tips. Before you make any assumptions I’m not making money from this review. I just like Glen because he provides great, free tips online and I feel that telling you about this product would be beneficial to some of you guys that are trying to get into this “online thing.”

Who’s Glen Allsopp?

He’s a webmaster at, where he teaches some of the best tips about marketing online. He’s not a guru, and he doesn’t sell you anything that isn’t worth it. Glen has made a name for himself online for his reputation. I don’t know him personally but so far I like the guy and respect him a lot. To learn more about him go to Glens’ about me page.

Why is this software killer?

Well, besides the fact that it was created by Glen and most of the stuff he puts out is of HIGH QUALITY, Affiliate Skin is going to help a ton of people. It really is going to cut down on time to put up an affiliate site by a ton, and it’s going to make it easy for anyone that doesn’t have any computer skills.

The pros:

  • You don’t need WordPress to use it.
  • Don’t need any code knowledge
  • Drag-and-drop navigation
  • WYSIWYG-editor
  • It’s quick and easy to put together sites
  • SEO ready basically
  • Built-in link cloaker
  • Works with any HTML template
  • Email and Skype support
  • And Money Back Guarantee

I’ve really not seen anything like Affiliate Skin yet out there so it’s definitely a leader in this market of affiliate marketing.

Why should I buy Affiliate Skin?

If you’re new to the online world of making money on the web, then it’s going to help you build and optimize a site very fast and easier than setting up a WordPress blog and try to make it look as good as Affiliate Skin already does from the get-go.

It really does not matter if you’re an experienced marketer or not; this can still benefit you because it saves you time. The more sites you can build faster, the more money you can make too.

Glen Allsopp on Vimeo.

Warning: This is not a course to learn how to make money online or niche marketing, or any sort of thing like that. It’s a tool you use if you have some kind of knowledge around affiliate marketing or niche marketing.

I want to buy it!

Okay that’s really easy to do. If you just click on Affiliate Skin here you’ll be taken to the site. I don’t make any money from this link.