SEO for WordPress: The Sole Guide to WordPress SEO

If you haven’t noticed I like using WordPress for all my sites. I use it on all my affiliate sites and my own blog. I’m one of the millions of bloggers out there that use this CMS, and I recommend it to all my clients that want to put something on the web.

Although its in my opinion the best of the software tools to use online, it’s not SEO friendly when you first install it. Having spend the last couple of years building affiliate sites, flipping site and selling stuff on the web, my experiences have taught me what works and what doesn’t in terms of having an optimized WordPress setup.

Note: Use these tips for getting more traffic to your blog wisely and at your own peril. Most of these tips have been tried and tested and they’re totally fine, of course not every person will agree with some of them. My clients have tested them and it’s worked perfectly for them just as it has for me.

Okay, now that I’ve made some disclaimers here, let’s just get into the content you came here for.

Getting Started


4 Mistakes that Small Business Bloggers Make and How You Can Avoid Them

small-business-blogging-mistakesIf you’re in business you’ve probably seen that small businesses have begun using blogging as a tool to further connect and engage with their customers.

But if you make some mistakes in your blog, success might be distant. In this post we’ll explore some of the ones that you should avoid.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular in business and it’s important, if done right you can achieve greater reputation and more customer, but if done wrong it can be the opposite.

With more this growth of content developmentĀ  for small businesses, the scrutiny continues to grow.

People can be turned into prospects then paying customer with blogging, but also lost, so its crucial you “do it right”.

Let’s see why small businesses should have a blog, look at some examples of companies “doing it right”, and how we can avoid any mistakes.


Hot Links Friday: Rules, Bridesmaid, People Who Make Money, Social Media & SEO

social-media-seo(So I want to apologize for my mistakes. Yes, I know…you guys are mad at me because you wanted to see this weeks Hot Links but you weren’t able to.

I made a mistake and I thought the post was already scheduled automatically.)

Hot Links Friday

I spent a lot of time reading on the web and looking for great content for you folks to consume over the weekend so you can improve you small business revenue, productivity and hopefully success.

This week I did find some random post around the web, but I gotta tell you that most of the good stuff I found in one blog. I think you’ll find some great snippets in between all these posts from QuickSprout and be able to apply some of them to your own small businesses.


13 Must See Lead Generation Examples You Need…To Grow Your List

13 Lead Capture Examples

This weekend I was trying to find a post about good examples of lead capturing, but I couldn’t find anything useful…I saw the opportunity and this is the result.

I spent all Sunday looking for websites that I believed did a good job at using an email list form and applied well known practices in marketing.

On all of the examples I marked the persuasion tactics most commonly used that you can apply to your business or blog/website.

A lot of the content on this post is easy to apply but I learned this weekend even some well known websites fail to use them. If you’re using a good email service provider integrating an email sign-up form should be a walk-in-the-park.

Now I understand if your goal is NOT to capture people’s email and build a relationship with your list then these examples might not be useful for you.


Reader Questions: Realistically What is the Minimum Investment Required to Start an Internet Business?

If you ask a lot of people, they’re all going to say something different. And so am I. I guess there’s people of both sides of the fence, some say free is okay others think you need to own your domain, a reliable hosting service and

I’ve heard people say just use Facebook, Google+, etsy or devianart depending on what your business is about. Oh and if you already have a company having your own website or blog is important today.