Quick Tip: Using Google + Settings and Stuff

We humans have needs one of those needs is connecting with others. We connect in many ways these days using all these social platforms on the web. The number of people using Facebook is 750 million, Twitter has reached 200 million in no time and now Google+.

There’s been a lot of people asking how to use Google+. Some people have probably already got an invitation on their email, went and got an account setup and messed around with it, but still want to know how to use it better.

Privacy, Notifications and Sharing

One of the first things I did when I got invited I setup my settings and clicked dont notify me so I don’t get a bunch of notifications on my email. As you probably already know how annoying that can be.

Also make sure you setup up the profile settings because they’re made public and some people don’t like everyone to be able to see who they are where they work and all your personal stuff. You can edit that so it’s not set to public and everyone can see it.

When it comes to sharing you set what circle can or can’t view your profile, which I really like. Make sure you do this.

Before you do anything though, just make sure you set the privacy settings those are the important things to do before anything else.

So How Do You Use Google+?

This is going to sound very amateurish but it’s easy. You find good stuff and share it. You can share stuff you see on your feed or stuff that’s posted in other places (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs). Make sure it’s interesting and it’s relevant to your circles and that’s going to get the conversation going.

Then you look at who comments, follow them if you want and see if there’s more out there.

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A good question that got brought up in a conversation with a friend was, if he should just use Google+ and forget about his blog.

I really don’t think it’s a good idea because what happens if Google+ did die off, then where would you go. If you a business your main spot should be your blog. In your blog you can say what you want, make it look how you like, it’s your home. Think about Google+ as your best friends house.

It’s cool to hang out there, but if you want to put your feet on the coffee table you won’t do it because, Well it’s not your place.

If you want to know my technique to using it is:

Actually Jake’s post about how Google+ is not a blog makes a great point.

Hey how about you, do you have any ideas on how to use it better? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment.