What Does a Real “Effing” Business Look Like? and How To…

I’m sick of all the crap

I know you might be thinking I’m pissed off or something because I’ve used “effing” on my title, and I’ll be honest, I am a little. And I think you would be too. The people out there that are on my side know what I am talking about. For those who read this post, please don’t think this is some kind of rant, because it’s not. I just want to make it clear that you don’t need to start a blog on blogging, Internet marketing, or how to make money online to actually make money online. I am just going to show you some markets that can plug into and maybe think of ways to make the income you want online.

Wilson, I am flipping tired of seeing all these “make money online products;” show me how to really find an “effing” business to get into.

Okay, let’s get right into it. To not go that far, let’s look at a real business I found recently through Entrepreneur magazine (yes, I still read magazines) and get my entrepreneurial juices flowing; and I recommend anyone that wants to start a business to read it. Anyhow, the name of the company is Ciclismo Classico. Basically, what cicliscoclassico.com does is provide the most authentic, unique and exciting biking and hiking tours and vacations.

So you can maybe get an idea of how Lauren Hefferon started this business, just listen to what she told Entrepreneur.com:

“I found a niche that I knew very well, and knew that I wanted to be in business for myself, so I made the leap.”

That’s basically what you hear me, and every marketer online, tell you to do. – Find a niche you like and know about.

Moving along; looking at what this entrepreneur did, and that was find a market, NOT a product, like some people will tell you to do online. The adventure travel market actually is a 50 billion dollar market, so you know there is a way to tap into it, and it shows that the market BUYS. Going into a market of proven buyers is essential; after all, if you’re starting a business to make a little profit, at least, while providing excellent value, that’s what I hope, your desires are.

You need to have a niche and be passionate about it!

I used this business because it’s really a great example of niche marketing. This company focuses only on one type of adventure; bike tours. The benefits of this are that the company and the clients get to connect on a personal level because they have similar likes. When you are passionate about something that you like, and you decide to start a business relevant to that, it’s easier to know your market; all the market research is YOU.

Here’s my “effing” advice

Turn your passions into a business. Everyone has something that they like doing a lot. Something they do in their spare time, for free. A hobby, a fear, a problem – SOMETHING! If you still don’t think you have something, here are some markets that you can jump into.

Online Boutique

Market: Vintage shoes and dresses

Size: Don’t know exactly how big; just know that this website below made $50 Mil last year.

Example: http://www.modcloth.com/

Passionate Cooking

Market: Food producers

Size: Around $70 billion

Example: http://foodzie.com/

The opportunity is out there

As you can see these are real businesses making real profits online. You don’t just have to go into some market that you have no passion for to make money online. There is a lot of opportunity to make a difference on the web; we just need to have a remarkable idea combined with something people want and a little love for the niche.

If you need help with coming up with something that you’re passionate about, I liked to offer my help for FREE. Call me, text me, tweet me, or just email me. I’d like to help you get started on your real “effing” business (sorry for the foul language) I just get to passionate when I’m talking about this.

Anybody that’s with me share your thoughts, tell me if you’re not tired of the make money blogging, make money this, that, etc… Let me know on the comments below. What do you think? Is it cool to keep doing what everyone is doing?

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  • Hey Wilson

    It’s never OK to do what everyone else is doing. An yes I’m tired of the ‘how to make money online’ routine. Don’t get me wrong I want to making a living online but it is going to be done my way.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.


    P.s I really dig your blog and have listed as one of my ten blogs to watch out for in 2011. Check it out.

    • Yea man, it’s like every newbie blogger just comes in talking about the same thing. I really appreciate it for thinking that Michael. I’m humbled

  • Tom

    Well said, Wilson. Great post – nice to hear a human voice with passion and emotion these days instead of the same ol’ crap.