Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, Don’t Expect Your Blog To Be

You’ve all probably heard the old saying about Rome and how it wasn’t built in a day. It’s so true, and it applies to blogging also.

Yes, becoming a successful blogger like Corbett Barr or James Clear takes a lot of effort, time and epic content.

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about Rome I’m about to tell you. In the next few months I’m going to be participating in the #MDBP aka The Million Dollar Blog Project. If you don’t know about you should go right now and read their archives of useful content now.

Anyway, I joined the mission to help anyone I can while building a passive income on the web. There’s so many people struggling to make a dime online because they’re following the wrong advice and I want people to see that it is possible. Corbett Barr and his team are about share all their knowledge with us and it doesn’t cost you one penny.

Building my own Rome

Am I going to be actually building a new city? No no no….What I mean is that I’m going to start my own blog too, and follow the project next to hundreds of other cool online entrepreneurs.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to take a brand new site and turn it into a profitable blog, this would be a great starting place.

Why trust the MDBP?

First, if you’ve hung around the web for around a year or so in the online marketing niche you’ll know that Corbett and the people he’s connected with are not into the “get rich quick” niche. has become one of the most respect sites when it comes to teaching how to build a thriving and profitable audience for your website or blog.

People that already joined

As you can see there’re a lot of people already following the project. And there’re another 200+ people that are also part of the project.

My project

So, obviously to be part of this Million Dollar Blog Project you need to have a blog. Since I’ve already been blogging here for almost two years now I don’t want to use my own blog as an example. The niche I decided to go with was music, and in this case monitors. I’m a huge fan of music and I listen to music everyday. I enjoy high quality sound and that’s why I decided to go with M-Audio Speakers.

So there you have it…

You can build your own blog too, all you have to do is join the project and be on your way. Maybe soon you’ll have a successful blog too.

  • Thanks for the link to my blog: I, like you, had another blog but decided to start a new one based on something I am more passionate about. Good luck to you on the MDBP!

    • No problem Lynn I’m glad to see you stop by here. I’m excited to see this project take off and grow.