Self-Hosted vs. Hosted Blog for a Business The Biggest Mistake…

That’s a question that many small business owners starting a blog email me a lot.

The simple answer to that question is; “YES”. But I don’t recommended it.

In this post I’m going to share with you the biggest blogging mistakes I and many other successful bloggers have made in the past so you can avoid them.

I know this topic has been repeated a million times, but obviously some people still need to understand why it’s not beneficial.

When I first started blogging one of the mistakes I made was beginning my blog on, as opposed to

This involves hosting your blog for free on the WordPress site, rather than owning your domain and self-hosting to have more power over it.

I got rid of it because it was to ugly and the content wasn’t even close to what I put out today. You need to remember that content is king, and that’s something you should always keep in mind.

A big problem with not hosting your own domain is that you don’t have that much power over the customization of how your site looks. Plus your domain name looks pretty ugly as well.

For example, Vs. Which looks more professional?

Additionally, when I was looking around the blogosphere I found others using the same template that I was using and that just made it extremely boring to look at–no way to stand out and be original.

You look at my design today, it’s exactly what I want and I can change it tomorrow if I want easily. Vs. and

WordPress is a website software you can use very easily and fast to  create a good-looking and fully-featured website or blog.

You install it on your host, and using this recommended hosting service (affiliate link)  it will provide a 1-click WordPress installation to make the process simple.

WordPress is by far the most popular blog tool and publishing platform, also known as a CMS (content management system).

  • You’ll get all the flexibility that you want.
  • Now there are more than 200,000 plugins created that extend your website. (ability to add Google Maps easily, create surveys and polls, add social buttons with a press of a button)
  • If you want to sell whatever you want or have advertising on your site you can.
  • You’ll have reliable web hosting company can provide 24/7 technical support and an uptime guarantee for self-hosted business blogging.

Some might consider paying as a con, but I don’t believe that to be the case. Come on, you’re running a business here, or aren’t you?

If you’re serious a few buck a month aren’t going to hurt you. As they say in business, “you need to spend money to make money”.

Okay so you want to get all this moving, but you’re stuck because you have to web skills. I get it. I want to help you get your small business blog moving along, with a legit hosting service. Hit me up, send me an email. I’d be glad to help you set it up.



  • I always prefer self hosted WordPress blog. With tons of themes and plugins available sky is the limit of the customization possible for a self hosted wordpress blog.

    • That’s right Rojish. I think eventually more people will start learning that going with a a self-hosted website is more beneficial in the end.

  • I always tell people: why rent when you can own?

    Having your own self-hosted domain is more flexible, scalable, and well, it’s more professional. If you’re serious about using your website as part of your business, then you need to get serious about it as well and invest a little bit of money. Period.

    • hahaha, I like that!

      That’s right, I had to explain this to a guy on Facebook, and he just thought it was okay to still use blogger. First he told me it was because of lack of money, then he posted on his FB he’d bought something expensive that I can’t remember. I guess everyone has their priorities.

      But whatever that priority is, when it comes to your website, like you say own, instead of rent.

      Thanks for the comment too!