Seven Secrets of Seven Billionaires you didn’t Know

So today the curiosity to find out about billionaires got into me. I wanted to know what were the qualities and characteristics that a billionaire possesses. I wanted to know the secrets they all have in common.

Seven Secrets you need didn’t know about Billionaires

  1. Seven out of the top ten billionaires did not even graduate from college. They either did not go to college or dropped out.
  2. Built and run their own companies.
  3. Great decision making skills, quick thinkers on their feet, even though they have a staff to help them make important decisions.
  4. Failure is not seen as negative, but as a positive lesson of life.
  5. Drive and tenacity
  6. Creative minds that come up with Big ideas.
  7. They all love what they are doing. (Passion)

I would not lot to take any credit out of college educated people because of course I was forced to go. Billionaires attain a lot of their skills from trial and error.

Running a business takes a lot of hard work, and most of these people did work hard to get where they are today. None of them would have put so much hard work if it wasn’t  because they loved what they where doing. So if you decide to start your company you are the best boss the company can have.

Like in life you will be put to the test, there is no smooth sailing when it comes to business, its a journey. The ability to take risk and make witty decisions will be tested.

I’ve heard it a million times, smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. I think that is a bag of [email protected]#$, excuse my french. Take every failure in your life and use it as your lesson to never do it again.

Drive and tenacity really come from a goal or dream that you create for your own reason. Why I am doing this? Make it easy to find the How? to do it.

If we sit down and think of how we are going to do something, we can always find a way to do that something. Creative comes from thinking, use your mind wisely.

We live in a free world where we can do anything we want. Do what you love. Why is that so difficult? Follow your dreams, it is prove that when you do what you love you can succeed beyond your dreams.

I know and you know there is more than seven characteristics, but I found that these were seven of the most outstanding with the last one being the most important.

We’ve all read the motivational and educational books of successful people and most of us know what it is that we need to do. In the “52 Rules of Thumb” I read a chapter that said “knowing it ain’t the same as doing it“. You can know all the things a successful person does but if you don’t do it, there is no point.

I know that to be a successful blogger I have to deliver the good through unique and useful content that keeps my readers happy and coming back for more and I know that I have to post every day also.

My Question to you is. If you know everything that you have to do what are you waiting for?

There really is no secret to anything. Everything you do in life you need to work hard at it every day, you have to love what you are doing and be unique.

Which of all these characteristics do you possess? Do you have what it takes to become a billionaire?