One Billion Pesos of Wisdom for the Week

Every week I like to look around to web to find what’s going on in the world of business to help you get to the top. In the world of entrepreneurship specifically. Looking over some of my favorite business related blogs I found 5 great resources that I think you should read if you are an entrepreneur.

The first resource comes straight from a Kauffman Study just released this month. I took a peek at it, its only 12 pages long but it has some great info about startup companies and how they are creating millions of jobs annually while others are just destroying. The name of the study is The Importance of Startups in Job Creation and Job Destruction. I just want to thank all the entrepreneurs out there kicking but and helping the economy. If you’re unemployed in this economy is because you’re not indispensable. is a blog a recently stumbled upon and I am glad I did. It’s funny because I landed on a guest post by Mike Volpe, which some of you might already be familiar with. If you know about the Hubspot blog then you know Mike.

Anyway The ABC’s of Startup Marketing really caught my attention. Mike shares five of the most important marketing lessons that he’s learned.

This The Art of the Bootstrap was just another great presentation…

We all have a business idea at some time in hour life. I know I have about one of them a day. That’s why I don’t understand when people say they can’t think of anything. If you can think of just one great idea, you can become a huge success. Every month there’s about 550 thousands business ideas getting started.

The question is; which one is going to make it?

You May Have A Successful Small Business Idea put out some interesting tips and guidelines that a starter might just need to bootstrap a startup.

In every book I’ve ever read on sales or copywritting I always seem to learn the same thing about persuasion. I guess some things just never change. I really liked the Brian took The Force that Powers Persuasive Content (And 3 Ways to Intensify It) and really mixed it around and made it more interesting. REALLY unique!

Have you ever heard the old saying “If you want to be successful, just mimic what successful people do”? In this post about website design you can learn 7 secrets from a billion dollar company.

So this is what I came about this week. I think this is a great mix of wisdom. There you have my billion pesos of wisdom hope you enjoy.

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  • Wilson, I agree that it’s a great mix of wisdom. Thanks for introducing It’s an interesting one and eye-opening. I hope you continue enjoying your fun lifestyle.

    I was checking out too much about Blogging tips this week. I shall open up myself and read different stuff like business development, motivation to keep me going.