Starting from Zero

Over the last two years my passion for tech has increased massively, and so has my knowledge of it. I love it!

When I first set up my WordPress blog, I felt smart as hell. I mean,┬ác’mon really, how many people out there still need help setting up their email? Setting up a WordPress might seem easy for us techies/marketers/lifestyle designers/….okay I’m kidding I’m not all that.

God… I feel like I’m bragging and you’re not going to keep reading this post.

Believe me, I’m just writing from the heart. I’ve been┬áreading this awesome book about drawing and another one about writing and they’ve inspired me in many different ways. I think anyone who reads them would enjoy them. Check them out: ‘Bird by Bird’ and “How To Draw Better.”

One thing I wish I was better at is with webdesign and programming. I know that if you want to learn anything you need to put the effort and really enjoy it. I can tell the people that enjoy what they do. A good example are those ninja’s at Hostgator (aff. link) or maybe those guys at Rackspace hosting; I haven’t hosted any site with them, I just hear they’re awesome. Anytime I mess with the code on my site, I just hit the chat with my people at Hostgator and I’m good. But I want to change that.

Or maybe not all that, I just want to be good at something else. Not just selling. We all know how you and I both hate salespeople, nothing against salespeople that love what they sell though. You others, sorry; yea you know who you are, find a product you like and believe in.

So why the new crave for learning?

I’ve always like learning new stuff and doing new things. I’ve probably had too many jobs in my life; I don’t regret any of them. As much as I hated selling vacuums I don’t regret it. They’ve all taught me something. The reason for the new crave, I say, it’s just me. I love it. I like challenges, and it’s only human. Why do you think there are so many How-to posts out there?

People want to know everything. I just had a thought as we speak and I went and looked it up. Like what’s a Weblog client? I had no idea such thing existed. There you go, now I know a little bit more about WP than I did before.

So this whole new crave I’ve realized is not just for me but FOR YOU! I want to learn these things more so I can teach it to others better. I get a lot of questions in my email inbox about blogging, affiliate marketing and all that good ol’ online business stuff.

Most of the times I just send them to my peers and let them explain how to do-what it is they want to do.

What’s your learning crave, what do you want to learn? and Why? Share it in the comments. What do your readers want to know if you’re a blogger?

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