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So you wake up one morning, and it’s one of those mornings you hear that voice saying, “I hate Mondays, Mondays, Mond…” “I don’t want to go to work, but I gotta pay the bills.” “Every day is the same grind, over and over until Friday comes” and you start looking at the clock in the office “Four more hours, two more, 15 minutes” pheww…

Finally it’s the weekend! I don’t have to go in to work tomorrow, or get yelled at by my boss for the next two days. Sound familiar? Sounds like this guy needs lifestyle design.

My story was quite similar; nothing exciting, just the same routine lifestyle every week, except that instead of being a 9-5 it was a 9-9. It suckeddddddddddddd….

I don’t know what kept me going back the next day, certainly it wasn’t the money. At first it was fun. You know, new job, new boss, POSITIVE people, and all that good stuff that comes with a new job. After a while, it was just a grind.

Most of us dream of having the dream job right after college or building a business, but little do we know that we’re about to go through some tough shit.

We won’t have that dream job.

That business idea never comes to us.

We’ll have a ton of debt from college. (I have 24k.) If you didn’t know that, now you do.

And life won’t be as easy as we thought it was going to be.

You know what’s the great thing though? We CAN change all these assumptions and do the opposite of what we think life is going to be. You can have that dream job you’ve dreamed about-if you know the right strategies. Fighting debt doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to sell all your crap. And you can start an online business and start making thousands a month.

So why don’t we do it? The way I picture it is this way: you’re at a fork in the road, a road to your left and one to your right. One road is the Shitty Life and the other one is the Good Life. But one thing stops us from going either way and we stay at the fork. We get fearful and we start having doubts.


“Always do what you are afraid to do.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s okay to have fear, it actually makes us human. Have you ever heard that big ass dude say he’s not afraid of anything? Trust me I bet he’s afraid of something; probably an itty-bity spider, but he’s afraid to say it. Oh he is afraid, isn’t he?

Most of us have something holding us back, some sort of fear. The mistake we make is letting it linger for too long, sometimes until it’s too late and then we kick ourselves and say “I wish I would have…bla bla blah”

What we need to do is realize that fear is good; yea sometimes it stops us from doing stupid things. But we should not always allow it to creep up and stop us from doing something that could change our life. You and I are human, we can’t be perfect, we will fail, we’ll get rejected, and that’s okay. But we shouldn’t let fear be the barrier to our success.

We need to beat our fear, once we do we see there wasn’t anything to be afraid of in the first place. I was afraid of roller coasters until I got on one. Now I love them. Lachlan was afraid of bungee jumping, look at him now.

Beating the “Oh another Monday”

I remember sometimes when I was a kid someone saying, “Kid, enjoy your life while you’re young, because once you become an adult, you need to get a job and pay bills and be responsible.” Man did life as an adult sound miserable. Yea I’m cool with the whole thing about paying your bills and stuff, but where in the hell did it say that life had to suck when you’re older?

My point here is that you don’t have to live Monday to Monday or from one 9-5 to another 9-5 all your life. Starting a business is possible nowadays more than before. But you need to start taking risks and confronting your fears. If you’re not afraid of next week being the same as this week, then you’re comfortable where you are. If you don’t have any goals written down, you are not challenging yourself.

What Lifestyle Design has to Offer?

Is lifestyle design for you? I don’t know. It might be, if you don’t want to keep dreading going into work everyday and counting the hours and minutes until your break or the end of the day.

The pros about lifestyle design: Ability to create a hands off online business that generates a part-time soon to be full-time income, ability to work anywhere (coffee shop, home, library, oversees,…etc…), freedom of time, ability to become a travel hacker, and the power to work as much as you want, not have to.

The cons:People think you’re crazy for thinking such things, and….I can’t think of any other ones.

If you don’t know anything about lifestyle design yet or think its a bunch of bologna or you just don’t trust Colombians, that’s fine just go ask some of my friends on the web:

Tim Ferriss from the four hour workweek, he’s basically the man when it comes to LD.

Pat Flynn from smart passive income, makes more money on the web than you can imagine

Corbet Barr from think traffic, built a lifestyle business in only 18 months

John Chow, designed his lifestyle through blogging

Naomi Dunford, will help you market your business, the best fucking way.

Robb Sutton, built a full-time income blogging about bicycles.

David Risley, who’s been doing it for 10 years now.

Chris Guillebeau, who travels the world and still is able do business in any corner of the world.

Sterling and Jay, who make a living teaching other how to make a living online.

What now?

Now is the time to decide whether you’re going to do something about it and challenge yourself and do bigger things, things that scare you, or keep living the shitty lifestyle. They don’t even have to scare you, they could be things you’ve just been putting off.

I challenge you today to go do just one thing. It can be something simple. For example, if you’re a blogger, go write that awesome guest post that’s going to grow your site’s audience by 100 readers. If you’ve been wanting to start blogging, go buy yourdomainname.com. If you’ve been wanting to get a raise or change jobs go do it, don’t live in fear anymore. If you’ve been wanting to travel around the world, don’t wait for retirement.

What’s your fear? Don’t be AFRAID to say it in the comments.

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Here’s what some entrepreneurs said about fear

heroic destiny

David Crandall

My fear is that I’ll reach the end of my life, look back, and regret. Seeing failures in my past doesn’t bother me that much (I’m old enough to be able to look back and see those now). But looking back and wondering what could have happened if I had done something…now that is a fearful thing.Failure? Phshh! Regret? Be very afraid. 😉

delel onibalusi
Dele Onibalusi
My only fear is the future, I don’t know what it will bring and I’m
always doing my best not to be controlled by it.
james schipper
James Schipper
The fear of failure is cliche because it’s the one everyone has!

Actually, I think more accurately, we have a fear of uncertainty. EVERYTHING would be easier if we could know the outcome in advance. There are all kinds of cliches about that:
“Hindsight is 20/20”
“If I only had a crystal ball”
“What would you try if you knew you could not fail?”
Those are sayings for a reason! The only thing we really don’t know is what is going to happen. It’s easy to know what has already come to pass. It already happened! It’s over now, so we know what happened.
Whether our business idea will take off, our blog will be ridiculed for it’s amateurish design, someone will call us names, or if we’ll get run down by a milk truck while crossing the street tomorrow are all things that could happen.
While we may not hide at home in fear of that milk truck gone rogue each day, we all have fears in one form or another. In most cases, the fear turns out worse in our heads, and never ends up as bad as our imaginations build them up.
And they are always related to that uncertainty about something. You can’t know everything. You can’t know the future. Make reasonable amount of preparation (you’ll never be 100% prepared), and just give it a go.
What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
Another quote popular for very good reason 😉
robb sutton
Robert Sutton
Fear of success can be just as debilitating. With success comes responsibility and accountability to others. You have to be ready and willing to take on those tasks as your dreams come true.